Which PG/VG e-juice is right for you?

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If you hang around vapers a lot (and you should – we’re awesome people), you’ll hear a lot of talk about high-PG and high-VG e-juices. You may be left wondering what the hell everyone is going on about. Well, wonder no more.

We use the acronyms PG and VG to refer to propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, respectively. These are two key ingredients in e-juice, and mostly serve as the carrier for the flavour and nicotine, because they’re tasteless and easily turn into a vapor.

Most e-juices on the market today will use around a 50/50 PG/VG mix, and that will satisfy the majority of vapers. However, you may discover that you want something particular from your vape experience, which means you’ll probably want to try e-juices with a more uneven mix.

Why choose a high-PG e-juice?

PG is thinner than VG. It’s better at carrying flavour, so choosing a high PG-juice (60% PG and over) will give you a deeper, richer flavour experience. They also produce a strong throat hit – if you’re a longtime smoker, you’ll probably enjoy this as it mimics the sensation at the back of your throat from cigarettes, and the ‘cloud’ is similar to that of a cigarette too.

Another big advantage of high-PG juices is that you can use them in smaller tanks, which are generally used for smoking replacement. High PG e-liquids are designed to be used in e-cigarettes that are puffed on just like cigarettes – we call this technique ‘mouth to lung’ vaping.

All e-liquids in our NV Juice range are in the vicinity of VG40/60PG, perfect for smokers who are looking to switch.

Why choose a high-VG e-juice?

If PG isn’t your bag, then you might enjoy a high-VG e-juice instead. A high-VG vape has a much lighter throat hit, and it will produce a denser vapor cloud. It’s the perfect e-juice if you want to blow vape rings or learn vape tricks, or if you don’t like the harsher throat hit of a high-PG e-juice.

If you choose a high-VG e-juice, you need to use a tank with sufficient wicking capabilities, normally that is called a ‘sub ohm’ tank. High VG e-liquids are generally used in vape kits that are designed for ‘direct inhale’ vaping.

All e-liquids in our VAPEJUICE range are in the vicinity of VG70/30PG, perfect for vapers who like to blow big clouds

Should I choose high-PG or high-VG?

Now that vaping is a readily available product we are lucky to have plenty of options, so that depends entirely on you.

  • If you’re vaping as a smoking replacement product, most people would use a higher PG e-liquid (like NV Juice).
  • If you’ve already made the switch and you’re not necessarily after a cigarette substitute, it could be time to try a higher VG e-liquid, like VAPEJUICE.

Try different ratios and learn what your preference is, either way, you can’t really get it wrong. In fact, you’ll probably find that by playing with rations and flavours; over time you will refine your preference and find the perfect vape!

At NZVAPOR we stock a range of high PG/VG e-juices for you to choose from, so you can experiment and find the perfect mix and flavour for you. Check out our range on the NZVAPOR website.

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