Discover How Vape Juice Is Made in Our Vape Lab


NZVAPOR operates New Zealand’s premiere ISO-accredited vape lab; our clean rooms have operated smoothly since 2014, allowing us to produce the highest-quality e-liquid around!

If you’ve ever wondered how vape juice is made, you can now find out! Take a look inside our vape lab to discover what goes on behind the scenes!

Inside Our Factory

As New Zealand’s leading vape factory, we pride ourselves on quality control. But how do we ensure that our products are made to the highest standard? Well, production all happens right here in our ISO-accredited clean rooms. Inside our Grade 5 factory, our team works with the utmost care, following operating procedures while maintaining laboratory hygiene best practices. The team wears hair nets, masks, gloves, and the appropriate lab coats, pants, and shoes, ensuring minimal skin exposure.

Our Clean Room

Our clean room is 120m², with four rooms and two machines. This room includes insulated panels sealed by 7.2km of silicone and magnetic doors to create a completely airtight space. Being airtight is very important as that allows our HVAC system to sterilise, filter and pressurise the air inside the clean rooms. Temperature and humidity is also controlled and all of this is registered with an ISO accreditation level of ‘Grade 5’, which is actually cleaner than a surgery!


Our Machinery

Our machinery works hard to produce all your favourite vape liquids. The process works like this:

  1. Bulk products are made to an accuracy of +/-1gm per 20kg of e-liquid
  2. The product is then enclosed and moved to the machine room
  3. The bulk liquid gets processed through the respective bottling machine (depending on the size of the bottle)
  4. Labels are dated, batched, stamped, and applied to the bottle
  5. Finished bottles end up on a conveyor belt for inspection and quality checking by a person.

This process has allowed us to streamline production without sacrificing quality. Our entire process happens without any UV or natural light interference. You can be confident that when you open your NZVAPOR e-juice, it will be the first time it’s ever seen the sun!

Bottling Machines

Our factory has two bottling machines that work at lightning speed to bottle and seal your e-liquid. With both machines running we can make around 1 bottle per second!

Using a bottling machine to fill bottles not only ensures super fast processing, but it also means that we get the perfect amount of vape juice in every single bottle, every single time.

Mixing Machine

Our enclosed mixing machine does just what you’d expect it to do, mix! Our mixer combines the ingredients to produce the smoothest, perfectly mixed vape juice you expect from NZVAPOR.


Our sterilisers ensure that all utensils, drums, and glassware used in production are sterile and safe.

HVAC System

We have a full, 24/7 HVAC system to circulate airflow. This system draws air from our enclosed areas. 50% of this air gets replaced by fresh air. The fresh air circulates with the remaining 50% of drawn air. Once mixed, 100% of the air is sterilised and circulated back into the clean room. Our HVAC system ensures that our entire clean room remains:

  • Pressurised
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Humidity-controlled

Each room has its own pressure to enable a “step down” system. This practice ensures that no unwanted contaminants end up in the creation room, which is where we use all of our raw materials. The risk of contamination is highest in the creation room, so that is the room that has the highest pressure.

Our HVAC system enables us to operate in a way to avoid all contamination.

And That’s How We Do It!

Well, there you have it. The inside of our factory is where all your favourite NZVAPOR juices come to life. Whenever you take a puff, you’ll know that your bottle of e-liquid was mixed, dated, and batched under strict and safe conditions


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