Information relating to Nicotine prescriptions in AU

As of October 2021, Australian vapers will need a prescription to purchase anything containing nicotine.

As you may know, from October 1st 2021 there will be a new customs law relating to the import of nicotine products. This means that if you live in Australia and vape, you will need a prescription to bring anything containing nicotine into Australia.

The good news is, this is actually making nicotine LEGAL – and we’ve got you covered! There is no reason to stress or panic-buy.

Read below for helpful information and to learn how to proceed.


  • Book an online appointment to get your 6 month prescription from (this is the cheapest and easiest option & they have a money back guarantee – no prescription, no pay).
  •  If their slots are full, try one of these doctors or
  • We STRONGLY recommended that you book soon, because:
    • The doctors are getting busier as we get closer to October
    • Doctors are busier than usual because of the recurring Covid waves that we are seeing
  •  Note – you can make your actual appointment for closer to October, but you should BOOK EARLY – DON’T MISS OUT!

The pricing will vary between the doctors, but they will be around $70 – Which will likely give you 2 x 3 month repeats (may vary between doctors)


From October onwards, you will need to upload your prescription to all nicotine orders that you make with us. When the time comes we’ll have all the steps laid out for you in the checkout – It will be super easy so there’s no need to worry.

That’s literally all you need to do! We will handle the rest.

A friendly heads up – Australian customs DO plan to randomly check.

Again, please do not stress, we will be here to help you through this process. The important thing for you to know is that nothing much will change after you’ve obtained the prescription. You’ll receive the same excellent products from us over here in good ol’ NZ! 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us.

Your team at NZVAPOR 

Book an appointment online is the cheapest and easiest option, plus they have a money-back guarantee. No prescription, no pay.

Full list of recommended doctors

View a full list of additional doctors who may be able to help if you are unable to secure a slot with our recommended option above.