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Tanks and Pods

Get the best vape tank or pods to suit your device.

Wether you’re a new-comer or a seasoned vape whizz, we have a tank or pod to suit your rig!

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An Assortment of Replacement Tanks and Pods Available at NZVAPOR

NZVAPOR offers replacement tanks and pods available for purchase from our online vape shop. At NZVAPOR we give our customers multiple search options and filters to find the exact tank or pod that they need.

We make products ourselves at NZVAPOR and are the only factory in NZ that salts our nicotine. We have operated for over ten years with high-quality standards, carefully hand-selecting only the best products to offer for sale alongside our own.

In addition to tanks and pods, we also carry different vape devices, vape juice flavours and a variety of other much-needed vape accessories. At NZVAPOR, we are vape industry experts.

We actively service clientele that includes universities, smoking cessation programs, The National Institute for Health Innovation and other respectable, reputable entities.

NZVAPOR is a leading online vape shop that services customers in New Zealand and beyond. The products we produce on-location are of exceptional quality, and the brands we feature on our site also excel in quality.

With our experience and such attention to quality, our loyal customers reference us as vape experts, delivering quality vape products from our factory in NZ for over a decade.


NZVAPOR Distinguished For Cleanliness

Not only do we sell all sorts of tanks and pods and manufacture our own products at NZVAPOR, but our vape company houses a level-5 ISO-accredited laboratory. This rating means our lab is cleaner than a medically sterilised operating room.

We cover all of your vaping needs at NZVAPOR. Besides just different tanks and pods, we sell many different quality vape e-liquids that can be used in combination with different vape devices, offered for sale on our site.

NZVAPOR is your one-stop shop for all vaping needs!

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