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Batteries and Charging

Never run out of charge! Ever! Just in case you do tho, we’re here.

All batteries and charging tools that we stock are 100% genuine, so NZ vapers can be sure they are getting value for money. Be wary of clones and cheap imitations.

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Buy Vape Chargers and Batteries from NZVAPOR

Buy your vape chargers and batteries online from the NZVAPOR NZ-based vape shop. For more than ten years NZVAPOR has been servicing the people of NZ, Australia and beyond.

We are your 24-hour online resource for batteries and chargers and all your vaping needs. We also carry a variety of vape devices, vape juice flavours and other much-needed vape accessories.

At NZVAPOR, we are vape industry experts. With our own laboratory and production operation, we are the choice vendor for universities, smoking cessation programs, The National Institute for Health Innovation and others. The products we produce on-location are of exceptional quality, and the brands we feature on our site also excel in quality.

Get your vape chargers and batteries from us here at NZVAPOR, trusted for all of your vape needs. Our experience and history of commitment to quality are only a part of what makes us trusted vape experts.


NZVAPOR Distinguished For Cleanliness

Not only do we sell replacement batteries and chargers for your vape and manufacture our own products, but we also maintain a level-5 ISO-accredited laboratory. This rating qualifies our lab as being cleaner than a medical operating room.

We have got you covered at NZVAPOR. We also sell e-liquids that can be used with different vape devices offered for sale on our site. NZVAPOR is your one-stop shop for all vaping needs!

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