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Cafe & Cream for Pods

Made for pod users who like a nice creamy, dessert or cafe style vape juice

With an awesome range of creamy or cafe vape juice flavours made specifically for pods and pens, there is something here to suit any vaper!
These e-liquids are designed for use in smaller pods and pens and not for use in large devices.

From January 2024 due to NZ regulation, the new name for the product is changing to VAPURE CREAMERIE RASPBERRY CREAM

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Coffee and Cream-Flavoured Vape Juices For Pod Devices

NZVAPOR features a wide selection of coffee and cream-flavoured pods at our online vape shop. We’re available 24-7 for your vape needs at NZVAPOR. The most cherished coffee and cream flavours you crave in a vaping experience are here at NZVAPOR.

We carry vape flavours that offer a full-hit vaping experience and vape flavours on the smoother side. Our coffee and cream flavours are different twists and familiar tastes, like Espresso and French vanilla.

NZVAPOR is Known For Quality

NZVAPOR is a leading online vape shop that services customers in New Zealand and further. Given we have been in operation for over 10 years, our customers know us to be reputable experts that deliver quality vape products from our own factory in NZ. Our coffee and cream-flavoured vape e-liquids hold to that same high quality our customers have come to expect from NZVAPOR.

Exceptional Vape Juice Production Environment At NZVAPOR

At NZVAPOR, we are the only vape company that salts the nicotine ourselves in a level-5 ISO-accredited manufacturing laboratory, making it cleaner than surgery. NZVAPOR is a select retailer for a full assortment of flavoured vape juice in NZ, and more.

NZVAPOR Covers All Of Your Vape Needs

Besides just coffee and cream flavours, we sell many different quality vape e-liquids that can be used in combination with a variety of different vape devices, which we offer for sale.

NZVAPOR is your one-stop shop for all of your vape needs!

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