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A vape brand that proudly sits right in the middle of the road.

Innokin makes products that are not over priced, but not cheap either. All products do what hey should without extra flashy bells and whistles. Reliability is key.

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Innokin Vape Products and Accessories at NZVAPOR

When it comes to the vape industry, Innokin is a long-established brand name that has been recognised in the vape industry since its inception in 2011. As a premier NZ-based online vape shop, we are proud to carry the well-respected Innokin products at NZVAPOR. Our customers depend on us to deliver strictly high-quality vape products.

Innokin was launched with the vision to produce innovative, contemporary vape products made with the highest quality standards in mind. The brand has been a chosen manufacturer for millions worldwide. Innokin has been a pillar brand in the vape industry for several years running.


NZVAPOR is Your Trusted Vape Expert

At NZVAPOR, our customers trust us to provide high-quality vape products. We carefully select the brands we wish to list for sale on our site. Our products are available 24 hours a day online for all of your vaping needs.

At NZVAPOR, we carry a select range of exceptional vape devices, accessories and several vape juice flavours for our customers to choose from. We operate our own level-5 ISO-accredited laboratory and production operation.

Our laboratory clean room is rated more sterile than a surgical operating room. Additionally, we are a chosen vape distributor for universities, smoking cessation programs, The National Institute for Health Innovation and other large organisations.

The products we produce on-location are of exceptional quality, and brands like Innokin that we feature on our site hold high-quality standards. We’ve got you covered at NZVAPOR. NZVAPOR is your one-stop shop for all vaping needs!

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