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Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts have become a popular choice for ex-smokers

Thanks to the higher nicotine dose and the rich flavours; nic-salt e-liquids are helping people with those cravings that freebase vape juice just won’t hit!

Fun Fact: “Salted” nicotine is actually “normal / freebase” nicotine that has been ph adjusted to make it feel smoother on your throat.

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  • VAPURE SALTS Arctic Ice

  • VAPURE SALTS Perfectly Mint

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Blue

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Gold

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Red

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Silver

  • VAPURE SALTS Royale Vape

  • VAPURE ‘SALT ICE’ Aloe-Peara Ice

  • VAPURE ‘SALT ICE’ Blackcurrant Ice

  • VAPURE ‘SALT ICE’ Grape Ice

  • VAPURE ‘SALT ICE’ Peach Ice

  • VAPURE ‘SALT ICE’ Stone Fruit Ice

  • VAPURE SALTS Cola Bottles

  • VAPURE SALTS Fizzberry

  • VAPURE SALTS Granny Smith Apple

  • VAPURE SALTS Mango Mango

  • VAPURE SALTS Razz Ripple

  • VAPURE SALTS Strawberry

  • Bluebake Vape Juice

  • Chillberry Vape Juice

  • Chuddy Vape Juice

  • Disco Dust Vape Juice

  • Drei Vape Juice

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