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Sweet Factory Gummi Bears 100ml

Gummi Bears vape juice is thick with flavour, and perfectly sweetened.

With the ‘red and yellow’ flavours hitting you on the inhale and the sweet jelly candy flavour coming through on the exhale, leaving a light candy aftertaste – So good!




Were you a fan of the reds? The oranges, yellows or purples? Not the greens tho eh… No one liked them! They were always the last ones in the pack that were only eaten after all the other ones were gone!


We got rid of those greenies and focussed on the flavour favourites, the reds and the yellows (not to be mistaken with orange – that’s a different flavour altogether). The end result is an amazing blend of sweet gummi deliciousness, sweetened to perfection, so you’re left with the most memorable vape flavour and no worries about the calories. A must have for lovers of sweet vapes.


100ml – VG70/30PG – Made with nicotine salts, for an extra smooth vaping experience.



  • Sweet Factory e-liquids are made by us, in NZ
  • Made in an ISO accredited cleanroom environment
  • Made with NZ made nicotine salts
  • Palm free VG – highest grade available
  • USP grade PG – highest grade available
  • Pure nicotine – highest grade available
  • Bottles filled by flow-line machinery
  • All measurements, strengths and flavours are guaranteed accurate
  • Vape juice shipped to Australia daily


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0 MG/ML (100ml) VG70/30PG, 3 MG/ML (100ml) VG70/30PG, 6 MG/ML (100ml) VG70/30PG

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