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Account 2 Account

Account 2 Account – pay the old way, the new way!

Up until now online shopping has been restricted to those with credit cards, PayPal or things like Bitcoin. Unfortunately that has left the good old ‘old school’ shopper out in the cold… But not any more!

Over the years we have invested BIG TIME in making things easier for our clients, and now we have made it EVEN EASIER for YOU. We can now offer you Account 2 Account payment transfers!

What is an Account to Account transfer?

It’s a simple click to pay system. So if you have online banking all you need to do is shop as per normal, then when it comes time to pay; just click the Account 2 Account option and our awesome banking system will link to your bank’s system (we don’t see, learn, or steal any of your info or passwords). Then enter your log in and with a simple click of a button you get what you want. Easy!

Account 2 Account is super secure, it’s actually not us linking with your bank, it’s our bank linking with yours. So we don’t learn anything you don’t want us to know – Kind of like EFTPOS, just without the cards… It’s all handled by the banks and controlled by you… Thats about as secure as it can get.

There are no hidden account fees to pay (we pay those charges), so the dollar you think you’re spending is exactly that. No surprises. The money is deposited into our account within the hour so there are no delays – Your order is sent at the same time as the others.

Make it easy on yourself and shop the easy way – Account 2 Account

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