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Cafe and Cream for mods

Made for vapers who like a nice thick creamy, dessert or cafe style vape juice

With an awesome range of high VG vape juice flavours, there is something here to suit all cream and cafe loving vapers!
These e-liquids are designed for use in large devices and not for use in pods

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  • Bluebake Vape Juice

  • Full Custardy Vape Juice

  • My Sweet Missy Vape Juice

  • Kiwi Az – CHURR

  • Kiwi Az – HARD OUT

  • Kiwi Az – KUZZIE

  • Kiwi Az – MEAN AZ

  • Kiwi Az – YEAH NAH

  • Sweet Factory Milk Bottles 100ml

  • MBV Berry Crunch Cereal Vape Juice

  • MBV Blue Moo Vape Juice

  • MBV Butterscotch Vape Juice

  • MBV Cafe Coffee Vape Juice

  • MBV Cinnamon Roll Vape Juice

  • MBV French Vanilla Vape Juice

  • MBV Fruity Hoops Vape Juice


  • 2 Cousins Aporo

  • Sadboy Blueberry Jam Cookie

  • Sadboy Butter Cookie

  • Sadboy Custard Cookie

  • Sadboy Keylime Cookie

  • Sadboy Shamrock Cookie

  • Sadboy Strawberry Jam Cookie

Coffee and Cream Flavoured Vape Juice For Mod Devices

With over 10 years in multiple aspects of the business, NZVAPOR features a wide selection of coffee and cream-flavoured vape juices for mod vape devices. These and other popular flavours can be purchased at our online vape shop 24-7 where we’re always available for your vape-related needs.

We carry vape flavours that suit vapers who prefer a full hit experience as well as vape flavours that are enjoyed on the smoother side. Our coffee and cream flavours for mod vape devices have a variety of twists and tastes like Bluebake and Milk bottles.

A Reputation of Quality at NZVAPOR Australia

We are proud to manufacture our own products in our level-5 ISO-accredited laboratory, ensuring the utmost clean environment is maintained in our airtight-sealed clean room.

NZVAPOR is a leading online vape shop that services customers in Australia and further. Our customers know us to be a reputable online vape shop which continually delivers quality vape products to the public from our NZ-based lab. Our coffee and cream-flavoured vape e-liquids for mod vape devices hold to that same high quality our customers have come to expect from NZVAPOR.

NVVAPOR is Your Go-to For All Vape Needs

NZVAPOR is a go-to option for an assortment of flavoured vape juice in Australia, NZ and more. Besides just coffee and cream flavours, we sell several other quality vape e-liquids that can be used in combination with a variety of vape devices, available for sale from us here at NZVAPOR.

We are your one-stop vape shop for all vape needs!

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