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Sweet Factory Sour Batch 100ml

Coming straight to you, direct from the zest fields of Zang Town!

The jaw zingingly tartiness hits you the moment you pull the vapour into your mouth and is quickly balanced by the extra sweet, sherbet style flavour on the exhale.




This flavour is so different from any other product on the market we could probably create our own gibberish to explain it! Get the zingpow right in ya pangwallet and it’ll hit yer yingpah where your zingzang expected a zowhang! Loosely translated to: Get the sour hit right in your mouth hole and it will kick your flavour receptors with an absolutely unforgettable experience of sweet and zest. This flavour is amazing!


Heads up, this flavour is fairly hard on your coils, so you may run through them a little faster than normal. It’s well worth it tho!


100ml – VG70/30PG – Made with nicotine salts, for an extra smooth vaping experience.



  • Sweet Factory e-liquids are made by us, in NZ
  • Made in an ISO accredited cleanroom environment
  • Made with NZ made nicotine salts
  • Palm free VG – highest grade available
  • USP grade PG – highest grade available
  • Pure nicotine – highest grade available
  • Bottles filled by flow-line machinery
  • All measurements, strengths and flavours are guaranteed accurate
  • Vape juice shipped to Australia daily


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Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg

0 MG/ML (100ml) VG70/30PG, 3 MG/ML (100ml) VG70/30PG, 6 MG/ML (100ml) VG70/30PG

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