New vape regulations in Australia. You can still buy from NZVAPOR


As most of us know, Mark Butler set the vape media on fire recently, with an announcement that he plans to ‘crack down on vapes’.

Let’s put this into perspective, remove the media spin, and keep your minds at ease by looking at what was actually said and what that means for you.

1. At this point this is all just a PROPOSAL.

That means that nothing is happening just yet, things can stay as they were until the new rules are put into legislation. They are talking about things and plan to make action at some stage, but here is a lot of work that needs to be done to put it all into action – so we have time.

The plan is to put rules around vape products, not to outlaw them all together, which is actually quite good (well, better than the latter).

2. Regulation doesn’t mean you lose access – you actually gain access.

The good news is that when all this media spin settles and the legislation process starts to take shape, that is the point where the Australian government legalises vapes. The rules have been fairly loose, and much like NZ, the industry was never going to be allowed to operate in a ‘grey area’ forever. By putting rules in place that means that the industry is NOT outlawed, it is opened – so in a roundabout way, that’s good news!

IMPORTING WILL STILL BE OK – When all this goes through parliament you will still be able to access the products that you want. There will be a tightening at the border so those of you who haven’t been using a prescription will have to start. We will communicate more on this over the coming months.

WE HAVE DOCTORS WHO CAN EASILY PRESCRIBE – Here is a link to the doctors that we know. They specialise in vape prescriptions so you will be in good hands

Prescriptions can cost the same amount as 1 pack of cigarettes, so it is a good investment. The process is very easy, confidential, and quick.

3. NZVAPOR is an agile company and can meet any demand.

We have been operating in the vape market since 2012. We’ve seen cowboys come and go, we’ve dealt with regulations in NZ and around the world, and we’ve invested in the machinery and facilities to ensure compliance with whatever comes our way.

 Because of our time in the industry, and all the ebbs and flows that come along with being in such a tough industry we are well equipped to make changes; as and where required. We can ensure that you get what you need. We’ve seen it all before and we’re committed to the cause: to continue to offer adults an effective alternative to smoking.

4. We ship to Australia DAILY – With free shipping available.

We have very good shipping partners and amazingly can get products to Australia in as little as 1-2 days (depending on where you are). With multiple shipping options and the availability of free shipping, the ongoing supply is easily handled.

What Mark Butler has saidHow that impacts us and you
Stop the import of non-prescription vapesThis has been a rule for 8 months already. A prescription is easy to get and can last up to a year. We have doctors available in the link provided above. If you get a prescription, you’re good to go.
Increase the minimum quality standards for vapes including by restricting flavours, colours, and other ingredientsThe contents of our liquids are already compliant with NZ (VRA), EU (TPD), USA (FDA). On top of that we are the manufacturers, so we can make any changes required to meet any requirement for the Australian (TGA) rules. Our factory has a grade 5 ISO accreditation – that means we can make pharmaceutical products.
Require pharmaceutical-like packagingEasy – we have a packaging machine and can make any product look any way it needs to look.
Reduce the allowed nicotine concentrations and volumesAgain, we are the manufacturers, so if required we can make any changes that are needed.
Ban all single use, disposable vapesIt looks as though this may be a rule around local sales (in Australia). This will be determined properly when the regulations are released, but they may be allowed to be imported, as long as the prescription rule is followed.

To summarise in bullet point form:

  • It’s just a proposal – no new rules are being set any time soon
  • Regulation means legalisation. This OPENS your access to vapes
  • Importing rules don’t change – they are just going to be enforced
  • Gaining a prescription is cheap, easy and quick
  • We have doctors available for you (follow the link above)
  • We can change to meet any new rules, when they are implemented
  • Fast shipping with free options means you can continue to get what you want

If you have any questions relating to this message, please feel free to reply to the email, or send us a message at We are here to help.

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