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Nicotine Prescriptions in Australia



As from the 1st March 2024 the importation of ALL THINGS VAPE (this includes nicotine and nicotine free liquids, devices, coils, tanks – everything) has been mare illegal. You are no longer able to import vapes and we are no longer able to send them to you.

HOWEVER – You ARE able to purchase your prescriptions and a range of VAPURE e-liquids from Stop RX Online. All stocks at Stop RX are TGO 110 compliant, and doctors and dispensers are authorised to prescribe and dispense vape products.

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Information relating to Nicotine prescriptions in AUSTRALIA


As you may know, in October 2021 customs laws relating to the import of nicotine products changed. This means that if you live in Australia and vape with nicotine, you are supposed to have a prescription when importing.

The good news is, this is actually made access to nicotine LEGAL – and we’ve got you covered! 

Read below for helpful information and to learn how to proceed.

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What to do with your prescription


Step 1: Book

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Book an appointment to get a prescription for nicotine (find doctors)

Step 2: Scan/photo

Take a photo on your phone, or save the file that your doctor sent to your computer

Step 3: Upload

When in our checkout; upload one copy of the photo or scan (learn how, in our help guide below)

We are here to help you through this process. The important thing for you to know is that nothing much will change after you’ve obtained the prescription. You’ll receive the same excellent products from us over here in good ol’ NZ! 

We have answered some commonly asked questions below, but if you have any further queries feel free to reach out to us here.

FAQ / Help guide

Once you have your prescription it’s as easy as uploading it at the point of checkout. We will register that prescription with the Australian Border Force and Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). You are be covered from that point. All of your information is secured and is simply attached to your consignment. We do not store your prescription against your account for your privacy.

Read on for instructions on how to upload your prescriptions, depending on what kind of device you are on.

Take a photo with your phone – Just click the “Choose a file / Take a photo” button and select “Take photo or video”. Your camera will open and you can take a photo of your prescription. Then click “Use photo” and you’re done.

If your camera shows a black screen, this likely means your web browser doesn’t have permission to access your camera. Simply enable the camera in your device/app settings and return to our uploader.

Use an image from your phone – If you have already taken a photo of your script; you can click the “Choose a file / Take a photo” button and select “Photo Library” or “Browse”. Select the image you want to use and then “Add”. Easy

Use a file or image from your computer – To upload a photo or file of your script; you can click the “Choose a file / Take a photo” button. Select the image or file that you want to use and then “Open”. That will upload your script and you’re covered from that point. TGA and Customs currently only accept 4.4MB PDF, PNG, JPG & JPEG files.

All images need to be clear and readable. If your file is not readable by a customs or TGA officer you may have your package destroyed and face potential fines, so please ensure you get a good picture or use a good file. 

TGA and Customs only accept 4.4MB PDF, PNG, JPG & JPEG files. Our uploader has been set to only accept these types of files, so if you are having trouble please change the file to a suitable type.

Australian customs DO intend to randomly check incoming freight. All orders shipped to Australia will require us to attach what you submit, but it is your responsibility to ensure you have a valid & current prescription.

If you submit false documentation you risk severe penalties – NZVAPOR does not take on responsibility in verifying your prescription is genuine. We will assign your consignment with what you submit to us.

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