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High strength liquids with a smooth hit. Made for pens and pods.
Get your favourite VAPURE flavours in high nicotine concentrations! Get the nic kick without the throat hit.

Made with our own proprietary nicotine salts in our own ISO accredited lab.

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  • VAPURE SALTS Arctic Ice

  • VAPURE SALTS Perfectly Mint

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Blue

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Gold

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Red

  • VAPURE SALTS Premium Silver

  • VAPURE SALTS Royale Vape

  • VAPURE ‘SALT ICE’ Aloe-Peara Ice

  • VAPURE ‘SALT ICE’ Blackcurrant Ice

  • VAPURE ‘SALT ICE’ Grape Ice

  • VAPURE ‘SALT ICE’ Peach Ice

  • VAPURE ‘SALT ICE’ Stone Fruit Ice

  • VAPURE SALTS Cola Bottles

  • VAPURE SALTS Fizzberry

  • VAPURE SALTS Granny Smith Apple

  • VAPURE SALTS Mango Mango

  • VAPURE SALTS Razz Ripple

  • VAPURE SALTS Strawberry

  • Teros One Arctic Ice Kit

  • Teros One Premium Red Kit

  • Teros One Royale Vape Kit

  • 100mg/ml Flavourless SALTED Nicotine

Vapure Salts Vape Juice at NZVAPOR

Vapure Salts offer higher strength and a smoother hit than other e-liquids. Vapure Salts, an NZVAPOR original, are perfect for your pen vape. From mints to grapes, berries, other fruits and more, we’ve got the salts you’re interested in at NZVAPOR!

We’re your go-to online vape shop for safe, quality salts vape juice. At NZVAPOR, we have been producing vape products for greater than a decade, going back to 2012.

At NZVAPOR, we’ve got you covered with Vapure Salts vape juices! The nicotine in salted e-liquid has been proven to be better absorbed in the bloodstream than traditional vape juce!

NZVAPOR is a trusted source for new and experienced vapers in Australia and beyond looking to buy nicotine salts and other high-quality vape products. We’ve been perfecting our craft in our level-5 ISO-accredited facility in NZ over ten years ago!

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