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Lets start off by mentioning – NZVAPOR.com are a 100% LEGAL operation!

We are the ONLY company manufacturing, distributing and retailing our nicotine products in NZ without breaking ANY laws!

Ok so lets list the top 5 reasons we think you should buy from us:

1 – NZVAPOR.com only buy 100% genuine tanks! We have worked very hard to ensure we get the best 100% genuine products to you, as cheaply as possible.

2 – We are the manufacturers of our e-juice! That means you are not paying brokers and no one clips the ticket before the e-liquids get to you. That means you are getting the best price available and most importantly; we know exactly what is in the juices.

3 – NZVAPOR.com only use the very best ingredients in our e-juices! Every single ingredient in our e-juice range is FDA approved as safe for human consumption and we are AFNOR compliant (AFNOR is the world recognised e-cigarette and e-liquid standard)

4 – We did the research! Sounds like hard work but to be honest it was pretty awesome. We have the most efficient and cost effective range available.

5 – We are good old Kiwi blokes! We are not a faceless tobacco company with zillions of dollars. We are everyday people, just like you. So if you need us just CLICK HERE and we will be right there to help you with any problem you have (e-cig related, we’re not psychologists)

So if youre wondering where to buy electronic cigarettes in NZ, look no further, NZVAPOR are the best! You don’t even need to leave the house, order online and we will ship your goods right to your door!

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