What it takes to make high quality e-liquids

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Thanks to the rise in popularity of vaping (and the lack of regulation in New Zealand) you may feel overwhelmed at the number of e-liquids on the market. There are literally thousands of choices available online and in stores, all with a range of different flavours and price points. 

You’ll often hear vapers talk about ‘premium’ e-liquids. You’ll usually pay a bit more for these e-liquids, and at first you may not be sure why that is. What makes a premium e-liquid and why would you want to choose one?

Premium e-liquids should be more from high quality ingredients in an accredited laboratory. This ensures that you’re vaping a quality product that won’t cause an adverse health effects or damage your device. NZVAPOR e-liquids are considered premium – we make our products in New Zealand’s only ISO-accredited lab. Find out why that makes all the difference.

What goes into premium e-liquid?

Most e-liquids are made from three main ingredients – Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), and nicotine (a different amount depending on the user’s preference). These three ingredients are pretty much the same the world over.

On top of this, manufacturers add other ingredients to create the flavours and give different effects. Manufacturers of cheaper liquids will buy in flavouring ingredients wholesale and mix them together to create their own flavours. Othen, they will taste the same from brand to brand. Some of these cheap flavourings contain ingredients that can be bad for your health, including diacetyl – the ‘buttery’ flavouring that has been linked to a lung disease known as ‘popcorn lung’ in factory workers in popcorn factories. Diacetyl has been banned in the EU, but many cheap imported e-liquids with buttery flavours still contain it.

You can find more information about vaping ingredients on the Ministry of Health website – Vaping Facts.

Premium manufacturers – like us – won’t touch any of these pre-made flavourings. We create our own flavours in a laboratory using safe ingredients we control. We work hard and spend a lot of money creating unique, one-of-a-kind flavours you can’t get anywhere else. Think of us as fine vintners, slaving away to create award-winning wines. We’re truly passionate about giving unique and special vape.

Where e-liquid is made counts, too

E-liquid needs to be created in a laboratory environment. Of course, the standards in that laboratory can vary dramatically depending on the company and their policies. Premium producers believe it’s vital to use a clean laboratory with proper procedures, such as sterilising equipment between use to prevent cross-contamination. We use an IONS-accredited laboratory in New Zealand to ensure we’re meeting the highest standards. Check out behind-the-scenes at our factory to learn more about our process.

For example, e-liquids need to steep for a week in order for the flavours and base to become as one. We submerge our liquids in warm water for a week in order to facilitate this process. But a week steeping is a week our products aren’t on the shelves making us money. We believe this steeping process is essential – but many manufacturers do not. They’re rather give you an inferior, poorly mixed product faster so they can make their money. 

All these protocols and procedures cost money, and that contributes to the premium price you’ll often pay for higher quality. Do you think the cheaper brands take so much care with their lab and procedures? Nope. Their focus is to push product out as quickly and cheaply as possible to get the biggest return.

We’re passionate about vaping and producing a unique and enjoyable experience for our customers. We take our role as a manufacturer and supplier very seriously, which is why we use our website to help educate people about vaping. We intend to be part of the vaping community in New Zealand for a long, long time. 

When you buy premium, you support companies like us to keep doing exciting work. Thank you!

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