Easy Vape Tricks to Show Off to Your Mates

Vaping tricks are a great way to elevate your hobby. They’re also fun way to maintain interest in vaping and give you something to show for your time! Remember that sub-ohm vaping is a great way to pull the kind of big clouds you’ll want for some of these tricks. We like Mount Baker Vapor e-liquids for a flavourful vapor ring, but most vape juices will work great. So, if you’re new to vaping and eager to show off to your mates, check out these easy vape tricks to start practising!

1. Blowing vapor rings

Blowing vapor rings is certainly the most recognisable trick in any vaper’s repertoire. Take a small hit and keep it in your lungs, then relax your tongue and push it back against your throat. Finally, create a small ‘O’ with your lips, push your tongue forward, and pulse your throat to push the vapor out.

2. Bubbles

Vapor bubbles are fun, easy, and require only some basic tools! All you need are some bubble solution in a bowl and a tube to blow through. Your tube could be a toilet paper roll, or a soda bottle cut in half. Dip one end of the tube in the bubble solution, take a hit, and blow through! Vapor will make the bubbles heavy so they’ll sink quickly. Blow them standing up to enjoy them for longer or leave them suspended on the end of the tube.

3. Bull Ring

You can’t do the bull ring without mastering vapor rings. The bull ring trick is done by blowing a simple ring and then gently inhaling part of it so that the ring appears to exit one nostril and enter the other in a big loop.

4. Dragon

The dragon hit is as easy as it is dramatic! With a full hit, pinch the centre part of your lips closed so that vapor will escape out the sides of your mouth. Then, exhale out of both your nostrils and the sides of your mouth. The result is a four-column exhale tailor-made for Instagram! Consider sub-ohm salts to give you a bigger cloud and a more impressive dragon hit!

5. French Hit

The French inhale—along with its sibling, the Bane Inhale—is a little more difficult than some other vaping tricks and involves inhaling vapor through your nose after drawing it into your mouth. Take a big hit and leave it in your mouth, open your mouth wide, and then close it slowly to force the vapor out. As you’re doing this, inhale with your nose. The effect is very cool and sure to impress your friends!

6. Ghost Inhale

The ghost inhale is a popular and recognisable vaping trick, where you allow vapor you’ve drawn into your mouth (without inhaling) to slowly escape before pulling it swiftly into your lungs. This trick is super simple, and you’ll want to learn it for more advanced tricks further down the road.

7. Jellyfish

Once you nail the jellyfish, you’ll immediately understand how it earned its name. To do the jellyfish, you’ll need to know how to blow vapor rings and practice another basic trick known as ‘vape bending’, where you move vapor by creating airflow with your hands.
Blow a nice, big vapor ring, move the ring forward by pushing air with your open-palm hands, then blow a second, smaller vape ring into the first. To top it off, blow the rest of your vapor through the middle to create the effect of jellyfish tentacles. The jellyfish is one of the more advanced tricks on this list, so don’t be discouraged if it requires some extra practice.

8. Tornado

The tornado is very easy and self-explanatory. All you need is a flat surface. Take a large hit from your vape and then place your mouth very close—no more than two or three centimetres—to the surface and slowly exhale so that your vapor pools densely. Then, place your hand vertically in the middle of the cloud and swipe upward quickly. The vapor should rise in a narrow swirl and remain for a few seconds before dissipating.

9. Triangles

Triangles are a great way to practice the vape bending technique we mentioned with the jellyfish. Begin by blowing a vapor ring. Then, with your palm down, make a gentle, downward swiping motion just to the side of your ring. This will cause the ring to rotate and warp into a rotating triangle shape. Timing is key with triangles, so keep practicing until you get the rhythm down. If your motions are breaking the ring apart, you’re probably moving too forcefully.

10. Waterfall

You may have noticed with your vape bubbles that vapor is heavier than air when condensed and will want to sink. That’s the basis for the waterfall trick! All you need is a small container (a plastic bottle works best). Simply exhale a big hit into the container, hold it just above a flat surface, then slowly pour it out as though it were a liquid! The vapor will pour out of the bottle and pool on the table, making it a great way to set up a tornado trick as well!

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