Why You Shouldn’t Be Making Your Own Vape Juice

In the wake of overseas bans on flavoured e-liquid, many people are taking it into their own hands to make their favourite flavours. While making vape juice at home may sound like a fun home experiment at first, there are some convincing reasons why this is not a path you want to go down. Making e-liquid is an exact science, and you wouldn’t want to risk your health by vaping a failed science experiment.

Find out why you are better off to put down the tools and buy from a reputable vape shop in NZ below!

1. It burns

E-liquid is made up of 4 main elements: liquid nicotine, flavourings, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine base (usually a mixture of PG and VG). Liquid nicotine is a strong substance that needs to be handled carefully. Mixing your own vape juice can be a messy job, and if a liquid with high levels of nicotine splashes on your skin or eyes, it can cause nasty chemical burns. These products are made in specialised factories and labs for a reason—it’s safer!

2. Contamination

When vaping, you want to be sure that what you are putting in your body is safe. Mixing at home means you are running the risk of making a contaminated product. At one end, contamination affects flavour, so you may end up with a vape juice that just doesn’t taste right. This is frustrating, but it’s not such a big deal. Where it gets serious is if other chemicals mix in with the main ingredients, from unclean equipment and workspaces, and combine to form dangerous chemical compounds. This can have a detrimental impact on your health, something you don’t want to risk for the sake of saving a few dollars on DIY.

3. Harmful ingredients

Many home vape juice makers turn to household ingredients to flavour their e-liquid. This is a massive issue, as some ingredients can be harmful when vaporised and ingested. Oils such as peppermint essential oil have been found to be particularly dangerous, with the possibility of causing lung damage. It’s best to steer clear of vape juice flavoured with ingredients found around the house, and to stick with professional formulations that are made of certified safe ingredients.

4. No regulation

E-liquid manufacturers work hard to fine-tune their products, often formulating and reformulating until the perfect flavour and nicotine levels are achieved. With homemade products, it is hard to know what the ratios are, and how much nicotine is really in the final product. A 2016 study on homemade e-liquid found that 18% of the samples studied contained more nicotine than the users had intended to put in. This is concerning as high levels of nicotine can be toxic.

5. Waste of time, money and ingredients

As we have found out so far, the lack of precision in homemade products can lead to a range of negative impacts. Another thing this can affect is taste! One of the best things about vape, as opposed to cigarettes, is the different flavours you can enjoy. At NZVAPOR we have spent years perfecting our recipes, so it is difficult to replicate this in a few hours at home. And there is nothing worse than dedicating time, effort and money into DIYing, only to end up with a disappointing flavour destined for the bin.

Use e-liquid you can trust from NZVAPOR

At NZVAPOR, we put heaps of time and effort into making sure our products are safe, and hit the spot in terms of flavour and mouthfeel. On the other hand, making vape juice at home can lead to a shoddy result that might be downright dangerous. Leave the chemical mixing to us in the lab! We produce our quality vape juice in NZ. Our factory has been certified ISO GRADE 5, which means it maintains pharmaceutical-grade cleanliness, leaving absolutely no chance of contamination. We have control over all the ingredients that go into our e-liquids and know where they come from.

Contact us or visit one of our stores today to find out which of our vape juice options will suit you best or shop our range online today!

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