A Guide to Choosing E-Liquid Nicotine Strength

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Vaping in AU is becoming more popular as a way to quit as tobacco prices continue to rise. If you’re thinking about vaping to help you quit, it’s important to choose a nicotine e-liquid strength that is as similar as possible to your previous cigarette nicotine intake. Check out our guide below to choosing the right nicotine strength based on whether you smoke freebase nicotine or nicotine salts. Below the guide, you’ll find more tips explaining how to choose the right nicotine level on your quit-smoking journey. Keep reading to learn more!

Nicotine Level Guide

Freebase Nicotine E-Liquid:

0mg – Nicotine Free
Less throat hit than a nicotine-based e-liquid.

6mg – Extra Light
Good for light smokers. Light on the throat, full in flavour. Suits a 5-10 a day smoker.

12mg – Light
A popular starter option with a smooth throat hit. Suits a 10-20 a day smoker.

18mg – Regular
Considered ‘regular’ strength. Full throat hit. Suits a 15+ a day smoker.

24mg – Heavy
For the tough vaper only! Heavy throat hit like a cigar.

Nicotine Salt E-Liquid:

36mg – Regular
Considered ‘regular’ strength. Full throat hit.

48mg – Heavy
Full to heavy throat hit.

Factors to think about when choosing nicotine strength

Cigarette usage

The main factor you want to base your nicotine strength choice on is your previous cigarette usage. It is so important to choose a nicotine strength that matches your previous usage levels. If you choose an e-juice with levels of nicotine that are too low, this could lead to you feeling unsatisfied with vaping and moving back to smoking. Our most popular nicotine strengths for ex-smokers are 12mg or 18mg. These provide similar nicotine levels to a regular cigarette and give a satisfying throat hit that smokers expect.

For heavier smokers who want to go for higher nicotine levels, we recommend trying a nicotine salt e-liquid. These allow you to use 36mg to 48mg nicotine e-liquids while still maintaining an enjoyable mouthfeel. A good test to see if you are using the right nicotine level is to see if a single craving is satisfied within two to three puffs. If it is, you are likely to be at the right level. If not, consider moving up a single nicotine strength level e.g., from 12mg to 18mg.

Vaping style

Mouth to lung – Mouth to lung vaping is a beginner style that can be achieved with simple devices such as pens and pods. Vapour is held in the mouth before being drawn to the lungs. Vapers of this style can afford to use a heavier nicotine strength.

Direct inhale – Direct inhale vaping is a more advanced technique where vapers draw vapour straight to the lungs. This can be achieved with devices such as sub-ohm vapes. When using this technique, we recommend keeping nicotine levels low using either a 3mg or 6mg strength e-liquid.

Amount of puffs per day – Thinking about how you liked to smoke before is another good way to determine e-juice levels. If you liked to take small puffs frequently throughout the day, you may want to go for a lower nicotine e-juice. If you liked to smoke strong cigarettes and inhale more nicotine less frequently throughout the day, then going for a high strength nicotine e-juice should suit your style so you can satisfy your cravings with fewer hits.

Finding the right e-liquid for you

At NZVAPOR, we can help you find the right e-liquid so you can start vaping on the right foot! If you are still feeling unsure about which strength of e-juice to choose, feel free to visit one of our stores around the country for a chat. Our team members can go over your specific smoking habits with you and recommend the best e-juice for your needs.

If you can’t make it in-store, we have a handy vape finder tool on our website that can help you select a vape device and nicotine e-liquid in AU.

Order trusted vape gear from NZVAPOR today and take the first step toward smoke-free living!

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