PRESS RELEASE – NZVAPOR Open Store in Mt Albert

NZVAPOR opened their new shop in Mt Albert two weeks’ ago, in order to be close to their customers to advise them well and to cater to urgent purchase requirements in the Auckland city area for people who don’t want to wait for deliveries. This is excellent news for vapers in the area, as it is much more preferable to actually deal with someone ‘face to face’. However, the bulk of their business is still conducted online.

As an example, and relating to NZVAPOR’s customer service online, they are offering their NZVAPOR Vapefinder, for people who don’t know where to start. As they explain, if you are not familiar with vaping, it can be a little overwhelming, so they have developed an easy-to-use online tool to help match a product to you and your situation. is a convenient one stop New Zealand vape shop, where you can easily get everything you need for vaping online, quickly and reliably. No more buying your e-cigarettes from New Zealand and importing your e-liquid from somewhere else. 

NZVAPOR have a simple goal; they want to help you make the change. They also work very closely with universities, Smoking Cessation Programmes and authorities and they know a lot about how we can support you.

NZVAPOR are well aware of how helpful some good support can be – especially in the early days, so if you are ever stuck or have any questions you can always contact them for info and/or advice. They are there to help.

You can choose from their range of electronic cigarettes, buy e-Juice (nicotine and nicotine free), online and learn how to start vaping with their awesome e-cigarette starter kits. To find out more about NZVAPOR and their online services, and for more information on tobacco flavoured vape juice, vape juice, vape coils NZ and vape mods please go to

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