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This NZ first marks a huge milestone in the industry’s progress. Historically the advertising of electronic cigarettes by way of radio, TV and print has been very difficult for NZ providers, and in many cases completely disallowed.

The latest focus on advertising by the vaping community shows the market is moving forward, regardless of many obstacles and is ready to take the next step towards becoming a mainstream product.

“ strives to be industry leaders and I hope that this step helps to break down a few walls for the industry” said QJ Satchell – Managing Director of NZVAPOR. “We have worked very hard to ensure that our business is compliant with NZ laws and to be able to tell people that now, is a huge deal for us. With these ads we are able to reach out to a whole new client base that until now has been fairly inaccessible”. Said Mr Satchell.

The explosive growth of the global e-cigarette market has caught many policy makers offguard and Mr Satchell believes New Zealand’s dated Smokefree parameters are in need of urgent attention to accommodate for the helpful new devices and liquids.

A recent report containing comments from Stephanie Erick (ASH Director) showed that smoking numbers were steadily declining but the current tactics were not recently as effective with smokers who are still holding out. “We haven’t been getting to that group early enough,” she said. “Given what we are faced with, we do need to really radically change.” Said Erick.

Mr Satchell from NZVAPOR belives the ability to advertise widely will help to reach the older smokers who might not be as “new media” savvy and who feel they are out of options, but have not yet tried e-cigarettes. “The data shows that vaping is as effective as patches, and that is with no funding at all, imaginge what we could do with a little help”.

The advertisments, pre-approved by the Broadcasting Standards Authority will run Auckland wide on The Rock 90.2 radio station from May 11th to 15th.

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