The Reason NZVAPOR Was Born

When two brothers from Tokoroa were introduced to their first e-cigarettes in 2012, little did they know this event would lead to them setting up in business together, something they had always dreamed of doing. The reason they jumped into the vape business was that they had immediately stopped smoking after their first vape. The impact of their sudden ability to stop was so profound that they saw no other option than to offer this same experience to others; and so NZVAPOR was born.

Because of the personal cessation success that the brothers shared, the entirety of the business has always revolved around supplying smokers with an effective alternative, but because of the positive change process that their clients were experiencing, the brothers quickly became more passionate about their position in public help.

After six months of researching and planning, the business purchased its first e-cigarettes. 50 of them. Enough to fit on a small plastic 4 tier tray with wheels. All these products would be sold to friends and family. Of course an e-cigarette is no good without e-liquid so the business purchased its first order of e-juice supplies, again, enough to get off the ground and that was it.

The guys sold pretty much everything they owned (including the family home), scrimped and saved and finally managed to gather enough to invest in their very own e-liquid manufacturing plant. The small business quickly morphed into a network that now operates in a number of countries around the world and is now an effective and reliable source for e-juice in New Zealand and around the world.

Because the manufacturing process is fully owned and controlled; the contents of the products are also controlled. All e-cigarettes are purchased direct from factories, and the company supports Smoking Cessation programs, Universities and Clinical trials. Not a bad business structure for a couple of local lads!

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