Recent reports have shown that the Smokefree NZ vision of 2025 is unlikely. But other official NZ reports also show that e-cigarettes have the potential to help.

Under current NZ laws it is illegal for any retailer to advertise e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aide as they have not yet been signed off by Medsafe as an official cessation tool, but NZVAPOR have disclosed that over 70% of their client base become regular customers after their first purchase… That is a pretty good retention. Some drop their nicotine levels off over time while others continue on the full strength products.

That being said: New Zealand IS allowed to advertise the financial benefits, and can show the chemical reductions that are available to a smoker.

* Analogue cigarettes contain over 6000 chemicals and because they are burned, they produce many toxic carbons and tars.

* Did you know that only 50% of a cigarette is tobacco? CLICK HERE to see what a cigarette is really made from.

* Electronic cigarettes from NZVAPOR contain 2 food grade chemicals, pharmaceutical grade nicotine and because they heat and do not burn they do NOT produce ANY tar or carbon.

* At the rate of a pack a day smoker, an NZVAPOR customer could expect their monthly e-cigarette costs to be around $30-$40 a month. Wow!

The global, consumer driven e-cigarette industry is making huge advancements and is now valued in excess of $3b USD. This shows that millions of people around the world are turning to the alternative.

Remember: e-cigarettes do not come without their warnings. Your body is made to breathe oxygen only! Going cold turkey is the best thing you can do for your body, but if you are like the thousands of others in NZ who are not able to do that, please explore your options and do what you can to stop smoking.

You don’t need to smoke to get what you want anymore. Your body deserves a shot at an alternative.

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