First thing first. DO NOT support an e juice supplier in NZ who is breaking the law.

It is illegal for a vape supplier to distribute nicotine IN ANY WAY from within NZ to NZ, full stop, no matter what. CLICK HERE to see the NZ legislation on that.

NZVAPOR ship juices – We are 100% compliant with NZ laws!

Ok, thats out of the way. When it comes to the juice you choose for your e cigs or other vaping products, personal choice is largely confused by options. If we had only 2 options, nicotine e-juice or non-nicotine e-juice, or tobacco flavour or fruity flavour, it would be easy. But we dont. We have a million different options that will vape in a million different ways… Now what! Argh!

One of the subjects that comes up fairly regularly is the fact that many just cant be bothered looking around for a different variation of what they already have. If you have a product you can happily vape on, why change right? Lucky for some they managed to find a good supplier early on (NZVAPOR) in amongst the plethora of NZ vape suppliers out there, so I guess you could say some have been a little lucky.

Many have researched mixing, contents, safety, PG/VG and by all means many have done a good job. And have found the solution that suits their own pallet. Nice! That all takes up a whole lot of time tho. And can easily turn into “another job to do”… And mistakes can be expensive and sometimes harmful!

Now put the shoe on our foot… We could make you what ever flavour you could dream of. Yes we have that much power! We realised that when we came to this conclusion; we have to narrow our juice range down to 20 flavours (each in 4 nicotine levels). Talk about tough job! So what we did was; we grouped our e-juices… Genius!

Essentially our e-juices break down into 5 groups:

Covers the spectrum right!

So to ensure you can carry on with life, instead of taking on another passtime shopping around or trying to get it right (and believe it, it is hard to get right – and it does take time) NZVAPOR have done it for you, so you have luxury of knowing the options have been very carefully selected to offer you the full range of flavour types out there. We have done all the playing around, trial and error, mistakes and clean ups… And we poured A LOT of love into getting our e juices just right! So all you need to do is click a button, and when they arrive you can vape them all day long…

Youre welcome :-)

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