Vaping tips for beginners: 3 tips for choosing your first vape kit

So you’ve decided you want to vape – congratulations. Welcome to the wonderful world of e-cigarettes. Once you experience the benefits of vaping over smoking (less second-hand smoke, decreased negative health impacts, cheaper) you won’t even contemplate going back.

When you first look on our website at the selection of starter kits, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. We’ve created this article to give you the low-down on what your choices are and where to begin with vaping. For more tips for beginners, see our articles here and here.

When choosing your e-cigarette starter kit, consider:

  • How many cigarettes do you normally have a day? (All our kits detail a number of cigarettes they’re ideal to replace).
  • What’s my budget for getting started with vaping?
  • Will I be vaping at home, or will I be out and about? (Smaller kits are more portable, but larger kits enable more features).
  • Do I need additional accessories, such as a car charger?

Option one: e-pens

These e-pens are an “all-in-one” system. They have a pre-determined setting so they’re really easy for first-time vapers. All you have to do is charge the battery and refill the e-juice. They’re also the cheapest option – Perfect for first time vapers.

However, you can’t do much modifying of the pen, so you’re pretty much stuck with the settings you’ve got. They contain small juice tanks, so they don’t produce much vapor. Because they don’t use sub-ohm tanks, you can’t use high-VG juices.

Option 2: vape kits

If you’ve tried an e-pen and know you want something a bit more sophisticated, then you want to step up for a vape kit. These kits are similar to the e-pens described above, but they include additional accessories and mods.

Mods have become pretty standard kit for vapers these days. The ability to customise your wattage, temperature, and resistance make for a truly customised experience.

Think about:

  • Wattage: this determines the power level of your mod, which will change the size, density and flavour of your vape. You need to make sure you’re not surpassing the recommended wattage for your atomiser.
  • Size: Larger kits mean you’re able to have more features and (generally) more capacity, but they’re not that portable. Smaller kits have better portability for vaping on the go.

These kits are designed with different types of vapers in mind. Some of them, such as the Kangertech K-Kiss e-cigarette, are designed for “direct inhale” vaping.

If you’re still confused, then get in contact and we can help you choose the right kit for your needs. Happy vaping!

NZVAPOR stock an excellent range of e-pens and vape kits ideal for beginners. Choose from the selection on our website and get started with vaping today!

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