Finding the right vape device for you

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 So you’re a smoker and you’ve decided you want to try vaping… welcome. I know it can feel a little overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from, and getting a handle on the terminology can feel like learning a whole new language.

Luckily, we’re here to help. First of all, we have a great Vaping Glossary that will help you to figure out what’s what. Check it out A-C, D-G, H-L, M-N, O-R, S-U and V-Z.

In order to choose the right vape for you, you need to be able to answer these questions:

How do you vape?

What is the vape experience you’re looking for? Do you love the big clouds of smoke, are you looking to emulate the sensation of smoking cigarettes, which types of e-juice flavours excite you? Do you want something simple to start with or do you want to be able to customise your vape?

Once you know more about what you’re looking for in a vape, you can find the right products to suit.

What’s your budget?

Vaping is definitely significantly cheaper than smoking cigarettes, but you might still need to be budget-conscious when choosing your device. When choosing a vape device, compare prices not only for the device itself but also for replacement coils, cartridges, and e-liquids. 

However, the upfront cost isn’t everything. You can buy cigalikes and cartridges from corner stores all over New Zealand for a few bucks. However, you only get a few flavour options, and the device and e-liquids are made of inferior products that will quickly break or give you a bad vape. Think about investing in a quality device and e-liquids that will last longer and offer a superior experience. You’ll enjoy yourself more and probably spend less in the long-run.

Tips for finding the best vape device

Vapers get the most satisfaction from their device when they consider the following factors:

  • Quality of the device and components.

  • Quality of the e-liquid used in the device.

  • Throat hit and nicotine level.

  • Flavour of e-liquid.

  • Vapor clouds produced.


You may try a few different devices or e-liquids before you land on the perfect combination for your tastes. Every vaper is different, and that’s what makes it such a rewarding experience. If you want help finding the right device for you, reach out to the team here at NZVAPOR. We’re always happy to help! 

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