What Is Dry Herb Vaping?


Vaping can sometimes be a difficult thing to navigate, with endless mods, pods, E-Juices and coils—it can be hard figuring out what system is meant for you! The increasing popularity of the E-Cigarette in Australia and in New Zealand has seen Sub-Ohm mods and pod-systems taking over the market, so vapers often disregard dry herb vapes, and go for the more common devices. Want to know more? Keep reading for the full rundown of what dry vaping is, how it works, and where to start.

What is it?

The term “dry herb vaping” is pretty self-explanatory, using a dry vape system to vaporise ground herb, rather than using E-Juice. There’s an array of safe and legal dry herbs for vaping, offering benefits from aromatherapy to stress management.

Dry herb vaping is still healthier than smoking as there’s no combustion occurring. Instead, conduction or convection are used to heat the herb. Conduction is when heating elements transfer heat directly to your herb, resulting in vapour. Convection vapes work more like an oven, moving hot air throughout the chamber, eventually heating the herb enough to create vapour. Dry vaporisers are much safer than traditional herbal cigarettes because of the lack of combustion, making them a fantastic alternative.

What Herbs Can I Vape?

There‘s a range of dry herbs and flower that you can vape for amazing flavours, aromas and stress relief. There is an incredible selection of dry herb mixes out there to try, often producing calm and euphoric feelings, and helping fight stress or gain mental focus. Popular herbs and flower used for vaping include blue lotus, guarana, and lavender. You can start by experimenting with different herbal mixes and flower to find what you like, or alternatively, you can start researching your desired effects (energised, relaxed, focused, etc.) and what herbs best deliver them.

How Does Dry Herb Vaping Compare To Other Systems?

At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the flavour of traditional E-juice, but some find the flavour and effects of dry herb vaping to be richer and more satisfying. Systems like the Flowermate V5.0S Pro features adjustable airflow, fast heating, and the ability to fine tune the temperature. This gives you the freedom to play around with the hardware and find the right levels for you as well as adjusting the heat to suit different herbs. Alternatively, if you’re new to vaping herbs, the Herbva 5G is simple to use with 3 heat settings, while the hardware is small in design, resembling the smaller pod/pen systems people commonly use to vape in Australia.

Grab Your First Dry Herb Vaporizer From NZVAPOR

Vaping too much nicotine? Still trying to quit cigarettes? Maybe it’s time to give dry herb vaping a go. Check out the range of dry herb vape starter kits and accessories to find one that meets your needs. Open yourself up to the flavourful world of dry herb vapour, with help from the expert team here at NZVAPOR!

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