What is a dry hit, and how can you avoid it?

Ever get a gross, burnt taste in your mouth when you vape? That’s called a Dry Hit, and we vapers hate them. One dry hit can ruin a vape you were looking forward to all day. For beginners, it’s a bit confusing trying to understand what causes a dry hit, and how to best avoid it. Some of you don’t even know if you’re experiencing this problem. Trust me, if you get a dry hit, you’ll know about it! Your eyes will be watering and your throat thickens up. It’s no fun. What’s more, dry hits are also bad for you. This is because two things are going wrong when you experience a dry hit:
  • The cotton burns. The smoke from the cotton burning isn’t healthy to inhale.
  • Your vape juice overheats. If the juice gets too hot, it breaks down into its chemical components. The PC in vape juice breaks down into formaldehyde, which can be poisonous in large quantities and isn’t ideal for you in small quantities.

What to do if you’re getting heaps of dry hits

Generally, if you’re getting a lot of dry hits, it’s probably because you don’t have enough vape juice in the coil. The wicks aren’t soaking in the juice, and this causes the cotton to burn. Luckily, the solution is simple – top up your vape juice more often. Try to keep the tank as full as you can, and it’s also a good idea to prime your coil when you start by letting it soak in a tank of juice overnight. There are a few other reasons that you could be getting dry hits. We got over them in depth in this article, but briefly, they are:
  • Forgetting to prime your coil.
  • Vaping too quickly.
  • Using too high wattage.
  • Too high temperature.
  • Using high VG juice (especially without a sub ohm tank)
  • Sugars and artificial sweeteners in your e-juice.
Try changing up your equipment and habits, and see if you can figure out what the culprit is. Dry hits can totally ruin vaping, and I’ve met a few beginners who’ve quit after getting too many and going back to smoking. That’s definitely not ideal, especially not when there are such simple solutions to eliminating dry hits! Try these methods today before you vow to quit vaping – trust me, it’ll be worth it. Check out our range of awesome vape gear on the NZVAPOR website.

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