The best vaping advice for beginners


If you’re new to vaping, the whole process can seem a little overwhelming. There are so many options available, new terminology to learn, and hundreds of products to choose from.

Not to worry. We’ve got you sorted. We asked long-time vapers and our team of vaping experts for our advice, and here are our top vaping advice for beginners. (For even more tips, see our articles here and here).

1. Buy your products (and especially your e-juice) from reputable, accredited retailers. Low-quality juice can contain ingredients that can cause irritation or other unpleasant side effects, or could be made in conditions that are less than favourable.

2. Understand VG ratios. VG stands for vegetable glycerin, one of the key ingredients in vape juice. Different juices contain a different amount. A low VG e-juice produces a smaller cloud, but brings a much richer flavour and gives that “throat hit” many people love. High VG e-juices produce thicker smoke (great for tricks) and a smoother hit.

3. Check your battery. E-juice residue can build up in the battery section of your e-cigarette. Regularly check the contact areas and threats for grime, and wipe away with a dry cloth. This helps keep the unit running smoothly.

4. Clean your tank. You should also regularly clean your e-juice tank. Pour out any excess liquid and rinse the tank and mouthpiece under hot water. Cleaning your tank will help prevent leaks and bad flavours. Be careful to not get water on the coil. A watery coil will normally need replacing.

5. Keep back up batteries. If you run out of battery halfway through a vape, or drop or loose your e-cigarette; it’ll take you a few hours to be able to vape again … unless you keep a spare set of charged batteries on hand.

6. Avoid vaper’s tongue. When you start regularly vaping, you may find you use your favourite flavour so often that you stop being able to taste it. To cure this, simply switch to another flavour for a while, then go back to your favourite again after a tank or so and you’ll be able to notice the flavour.

7. Plan in advance. Once you learn how much e-juice and battery you use regularly, plan your purchases to ensure you have enough on hand to last you until your next purchase. You can keep replacement cartridges at home, work, in your car, or in your wallet to make sure you never run out. Just remember to store your e-liquids in a cool, dark place where possible.

8. Some flavours will weaken plastic tanks. If you use a plastic tank, be aware that flavours like citrus, essential oil, or cinnamon will weaken the tank over time, eventually causing cracks and other damage. It’s always best to invest in a glass or pyrex tank.

9. Try some tricks! Vapers love to blow vape rings and other tricks. Give some of these vape tricks a go and see how you do.

10. Have fun! Vaping is a great hobby, and an excellent option for giving up smoking. In no time at all you’ll be a vape connoisseur.

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