Regulated Mod Vs Unregulated Mod: What’s the Difference?


Wanting to up your vaping game and move onto mod vape devices? As you delve deeper into the vaping world, you may hear about regulated and unregulated mods. In this blog post, we explain the differences between these two vape types so you can choose the right device for your skill level.

Regulated Mods

The Geekvape Aegis X Mod.

A regulated mod device includes a circuit board that is used to regulate the current running through the device. Many also let you read and adjust the voltage and resistance levels. We recommend the Geekvape Aegis X Mod if you are looking for the best-regulated mod in terms of usability and power.

Regulated mods offer some great benefits, including:
Greater control: The main benefit of using a regulated mod is that it allows greater control over your vape settings. The vape will run at the wattage and voltage that you set, no matter the charge on the battery. It also reduces the chance of overloading the battery, which could lead to overheating.
–  Longer battery life: Having better control over the currents running through the device means that there is less chance of draining the battery quickly. This will be more cost-efficient in the long run as you will need to buy new batteries less often.
–  Ease of use: Regulated mods generally contain an interactive display screen that will give you information about the wattage and voltage. This makes it a lot easier to use especially for beginners.

Types of Regulated Mods

Pen Mods – A pen style device that still allows some sort of variable control, which could be temperature control or voltage control. These are a great option for those who don’t want to carry around a bulkier device but still want a level of versatility to their vape system.

Pod Mods – Pod mods are the sweet spot between great portability and great function. Being slightly larger than a vape pen, there is room for more sophisticated wiring that will allow for better control over your temperature or voltage.

Box Mods – The classic mod device, box mods are a powerhouse that allow you to vape high temperatures and get some great clouds. These are recommended for more experienced vapers who can get the most out of the superior capabilities offered.

Unregulated Mods

An unregulated mod device.

Unregulated mods are devices that do not have an internal circuit board. Instead, they run by delivering an electrical current straight from the battery to the atomiser. This means more power can be delivered since there aren’t any controls limiting the wattage or voltage flow.

Unregulated mods have some pros and cons, including:

Unparalleled power: A benefit of this mod type is that you can get a lot of power to your coils very easily. You can also use lower resistance coils successfully thanks to the increased power.
Complex to run: To use an unregulated mod, you need to be an experienced vaper with sound knowledge of how electrical currents work. Also, with these devices, the output relies on the battery charge. As the battery depletes, the vape will become less powerful. This is different from regulated mods, which produce the same voltage or wattage no matter the battery charge level.
No safety features: There is a higher risk of something going wrong with an unregulated mod if you don’t know what you are doing. There are no safety features that protect the battery or the coil from strong currents.

Types of Unregulated Mods

Mechanical Mods– Referred to as mech mods, these devices have a single battery and a fairly simple design. This is the original style of vapes before they became much more advanced and safer to use.
Squonk Mods– Squonk mod devices have a built-in bottle holding the e-liquid. When pressed, the bottle allows e-juice to flow straight to the tank where the coil sits, so it can be wicked. This lets the coil become fully saturated with e-juice for better firing.

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Unless you are an experienced vaper with a good understanding of how vape mods work from an electrical standpoint, we would recommend sticking with a regulated mod. They are safe to use while still providing significant power for a wicked vape experience! We have a wide range of mod devices including pod mods and classic box mods.

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