Our top High-PG e-liquids in 2017


On NZVAPOR we offer a huge range of premium quality e-juices. With so many flavours to choose from, it can be tough to decide where to begin.

We’re here to help, by keeping you up-to-date on our most popular flavours. On this list, we include some of our best-selling High-PG e-liquids. High PG e-liquids are usually used by smokers who are using e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

Browse some of our most popular flavours and decide for yourself:

1. Premium Red

Dunhill cigarettes are famous for their caramel undertones and signature sweet flavour. We recreate the rich tobacco taste of a quality cigarette in Premium Red, one of our most popular flavours for smokers.

2. Royale Vape

Our unique Royale Vape e-juice boasts the perfect mix of dark and bright tobaccos mixed with rum and red wine. If you love the distinct flavour of Port Royal tobacco, then this e-juice will give you that smooth, mellow vaping experience you’ve come to enjoy.

3. Granny Smith Apple

For a clean, crisp vapor that tastes just like a tangy apple, and a refreshingly sweet aftertone, you can’t go wrong with this flavour. Granny Smith Apple is one of our most popular fruity e-juices.

4. Hikareti

With a natural woody undertone complemented by the subtle sweetness of coconut, Hikareti is a premium tropical tobacco offering the complex flavour hit of a premium cigarette. Our customers love Hikareti for its smooth, yet strong, throat hit.

5. Espresso

Need that morning coffee hit? Get it in your e-cig instead with our Espresso flavour. Designed specifically with coffee connoisseurs in mind, Espresso offers a complex coffee flavour with broad sweetness, bright notes and a full-bodied punch.

6. Fizzberry (Raspberry sherbet flavour)

Fizzberry is a unique flavour not to be missed! We’ve created this zany juice to taste like raspberry sherbet lollies. Enjoy a fresh, tangy raspberry flavour, with a burst of fizzy sherbet following. Our customers can’t get enough of this sweet treat.

All our High-PG juices offer a huge vape production without compromising the throat hit, so you get the satisfying feeling of puffing on a ciggie, just without the negatives! If that’s not your thing, try our top high-VG e-juice flavours!

Try one of our exceptional e-juice flavours today. If none of these flavors float your boat, we offer a huge range of tobacco, fruity, sweet, alcoholic and kiwiana flavours on the NZVAPOR website.

For high quality e-cigarettes and vaping products in New Zealand, then look no further than NZVAPOR.

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