NZVAPOR’s interview with TJI – “I believe I can help”


The day of my first e-cigarette was my moment of realisation.

I remember it clearly. I remember the exact moment that I realised that we had a product that could change the lives of thousands, even millions.

What I didn’t know at that point was how oppressed this amazing product was. Since then I have been through a huge learning curve and one of the many things I have learned is that to help lift the ridiculous suppression on vaping, we need to be seen, heard and spoken about.

So I have embarked on a mission to spread the word of e-cigarettes and vaping… Not on a small scale. I want EVERYBODY to know the truth about vaping! That means hitting the radar of the giants that we intend to topple. As you can imagine that has the potential to ruffle a few feathers.

Recently I was interviewed by Tobacco Journal International. This is a big one for me. TJI is the leading International publication in the tobacco arena.

That means good old NZVAPOR – a small e-cigarette and e-juice supplier in NZ has now been across the desks of some of the biggest names in Big Tobacco. Talk about on the radar!

The interview covers how we got started, the concept and intention of the business, and also touches on how we do what we do.

CLICK HERE to see the actual interview.

So now we have made another step in the right direction for NZ’s electronic cigarette industry. We have shown Big Tobacco that we don’t fear them and we won’t hide. We have proven to them that amid the tight restrictions that have been set by those with the money and the power – we will still make moves and we will find a way.

Our great vaping industry has something on its side that the analogue cigarette companies don’t; vaping is a consumer driven product. Vapers vape because they want to vape. They don’t vape because there is no other option – there is an alternative, we used that alternate it and it sucked, that’s why we quit smoking!

Stay loud vapefam! Get noticed!

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