NZVAPOR – Sole e-cigarette and e-liquid provider to NIHI


NZVAPOR have been selected as the sole providers of e-cigarette and e-liquid products to this important study.

The trial has been designed to evaluate the effectiveness, utilisation and safety of combining nicotine patches with electronic cigarettes.

“I am over the moon that these kinds of local (NZ) studies are beginning to surface. Many of us have been looking for ways to get the support of our Government and these kinds of initiatives show a great step in the right direction” said QJ Satchell, Managing Director of NZVAPOR.

“Vapers in NZ have all had to deal with the frustrating restrictions that have been placed around the industry. Although the final test results won’t be available for some time I’m sure the data that comes through will help our Ministry of Health in their decision on nicotine e-cigarettes  – If they haven’t made one already”.

The ASCEND-II trial is set to run over the course of 36 months and will follow the behavioural patterns of approximately 1,800 people in their efforts to quit smoking.

This is the largest study of its kind in NZ and NZVAPOR are very proud to play an active role in the program – NZVAPOR will provide all e-cigarette and e-liquid products and relating product support while NIHI will provide moderate intensity behavioural support, on six month smoking abstinence, to selected subjects who are motivated to quit smoking.


The simple fact that funding has been allocated for a trial of this size shows a positive step for the NZ vaping industry. We have recently seen smaller amounts of Government funding being released for smaller programs as well, so it is nice to see that although the NZ Government is still taking a very conservative approach, they are at least now showing interest.

The team at NZVAPOR would like to thank NIHI, Professor Chris Bullen, Associate Professor Natalie Walker, Dr Murray Laugesen and Dr George Laking for collaborating, actioning and including NZVAPOR in this trial.

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