This short vid from NZBlokes offers potential NZ vapers a few wise words from a newcomer to the vaping scene. Check out the awesome mindset e-cigarettes give you. More proof that you are not missing out on anything when vaping e-cigarettes in place of smoking!

In this vlog by Nick you will see that not only found it EASY to quit smoking when he chose to vape with NZVAPOR, but he actually ENJOYS vaping MORE! When put in a position of choice – Pack of analogue cigarettes on the left and an ecig on the right, Nick is already choosing to vape his e-cig and is finding that his old smelly old smokes are not quite as nice as he though they were.

Here are the e-cigarette set ups shown in the vid:

THE “BIG SILVER ONE” – This set up is made up of a 1600mAh VISION Spinner II battery and an ASPIRE Nautilus tank.

THE “SMALLER BLACK ONE” – An 1100mAh VISION Spinner battery and a KANGERTECH T3D tank.

Both excellent choices!

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