NZ e-cigarettes should be discussed in a public debate


The debate on e-cigarettes is globally at a peak

In week one we see great results from definitive and well-researched data, stating that vaping is a staggering 95% safer than lit tobacco cigarettes and should be endorsed. In week 2 the news from the FDA is that almost all recent and effective tools are going to be restricted. THIS MAKES NO SENSE!

NZ vapers have the opportunity RIGHT NOW to speak up, send letters, complain, sign petitions, call radio stations, share stories and do anything else that lets those who need to know – WE WILL NOT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!

Please take any kind of action you can. If we wait we risk being sucked into the same black hole that the USA are now circling. No one will do it for you… If you stay quiet and hope someone else will fight for you, you are wrong. We all need to take action NOW.

We are relatively lucky in NZ; our lawmakers have not yet made up their minds. But that is a short-term thing. The laws will come and things will change. It is up to us to become a part of that decision-making process – they will not invite us, we need to push in.

So I will be pushing for a public debate to be held on e-cigarettes and their part in our society. We don’t really know how the majority of lawmakers in NZ sit when it comes to e-cigarettes, most of them stay pretty quiet… But we need to call them out of hiding. We deserve to know what they are thinking, we deserve the opportunity to share our stories and they deserve to know the truth. That truth is worth our lives!

Today’s FDA ruling pretty much gave the American electronic cigarette industry to Big Tobacco on a silver plate, PLEASE don’t let that happen here.


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