I thought I was just ageing, but what I had really been doing was literally, slowly poisoning myself over a long period of time. I couldn’t run, I coughed, I had low energy levels – I was supposed to be in my prime… I understand what was happening now… I was actually slowly dying, but I just couldn’t see it.

In 2013 my brother sent me a 1st generation e-cig pack from the States and note saying “just try it”. To be honest I actually think I only gave it a go because I had a chance to get some free nicotine.

I got on it and realised it was really not too bad! Why not give it a good go?

My first attempt to quit smoking with the little 1st generation e-cigs was pretty much a failure; I just couldn’t get the satisfaction of a real smoke out of the little cigarette looking ecigarette I had… But I liked the concept…

So I looked for something better. I searched the internet and found some good 2nd generation e-cigs. I got myself a decent kit and some nicotine based e-juice to vape on and I was off. I kicked the unhealthy old version pretty much straight away. And you know what? The changeover was actually VERY easy, with no cravings.

3 months after I stopped smoking I did the Tough Mudder 20km, S.A.S style obstacle course. Not too bad considering only a few months beforehand I couldn’t even run 100m. My energy levels soared, I found it super easy to get up in the morning, I stopped loosing breath for no reason, the list goes on.

Now that I am on the other side of it all I can see how dumb it all was. I am so glad I found e-cigs. They have genuinely changed and possibly saved my life, I just hope I quit smoking early enough. But after 1000 different ways of trying I am now proud to say, with full confidence – I WILL NEVER SMOKE ANOTHER CIGARETTE AGAIN – EVER!

This is how I did it: For the first few weeks I vaped AND smoked. Because of all the benefits, there was a natural move within myself towards preferring the e-cigs (no smell, no lighting up and having to stand outside in the cold for 10 mins while I smoked a whole ciggy, and I was saving money instantly!).

After a couple of weeks I was only having my “big smokes” (first thing in the morning, after meals and when drinking). From there I dropped my “after meal ciggies” and ran with that for a week. Then I dropped my morning smoke and after a week or so I wasn’t missing smoking at all so I was ready to make the last step and vaped through my first night out.

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