End Smoking NZ is a team of NZ academics who are very experienced in Tobacco Harm Reduction.

They believe that e-cigarettes are an effective tool in helping smokers to quit smoking.

The team of associates and professors have been operational for over 20 years and their groundbreaking tobacco harm reduction efforts are world renowned. They have been key players in NZ’s Smoke Free Environments Act (which has been globally acclaimed) and have helped thousands of our people to stop smoking over the years.

And guess what… They support the use of nicotine electronic cigarettes in place of analogue cigarettes!

The link above will give you some great advice, pay particular note to the paragraph ‘How to Switch From Smoking to Vaping’.

If you are thinking about giving vaping a go and prefer the personal touch, or if you want to know more on which electronic cigarette or e-liquid will be suitable for you, please feel free to CLICK HERE. We are always available and we are here to help. Remember we can’t tell you how you can use vaping to stop, but we can share our own stories – We were smokers too (that’s how we found e-cigarettes).

A big thank you to Marewa Glover, Trish Fraser, Murray Laurgesen, Chris Bullen and the rest of the team who put this together. Your efforts are much appreciated!

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