A new customer gives our e-cigarettes an in depth review

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Thanks again so much this tool has changed my life in only a day!

Massive thank you to the team at NZ vapor.
Today I am on my first official day with no cigarettes and vaping instead.
So far, I have had only one massive craving around my lunchtime smoke time which had me thinking I could just go to the shops and get a pack but instead I went outside with my vape and did the normal routine. Spent a bit more time outside than usual because the craving was so intense. 5 minutes later, craving gone and none till my afternoon smoke time which was not nearly as intense as I was literally thinking about the vape instead of the nasty sticks!

I have tried to quit smoking numerous times as most smokers have.
Started when I was 14, was smoking heavily by the time I turned 18 and was able to go out drinking.
Quit cold turkey with my first pregnancy at 19.
Started again, then quit again with my second pregnancy at 22. Unfortunately picked up the gross habit again. It’s been nearly a year since I took it up again and I am so happy that I have found something that actually makes the cravings subside as well as helping with the routine habit.

In the past I have struggled because truth be told I loved smoking and wasn’t partial to quitting because I enjoyed it too much,
I really thought I would be smoking till I die, even though I’ve seen people effected by smoking and the horrendous death it can cause that wasn’t enough for me because I really did love smoking.

About a week ago my health took a bit of a nasty turn and I ended up with the worst bronchitis infection I’ve had in about 7 years. I put it down to smoking because my recovery has been difficult and my body has found it incredibly hard to bounce back from, I’m only 23 I should have the immunity to bounce back from a cold right?! I decided that was it, my health, life and kids were far more important than the little nasty sticks! I started by ditching my normal smokes to getting menthol cigarettes whilst I waited for my vape stuff to arrive. I absolutely despise menthol cigarettes so this was a good start and I cut down drastically while I was waiting for my things to arrive.

Now that I have everything I need to vape I can love “smoking” without the cancer causing chemicals, the disgusting smell (which has been even more disgusting since quitting, I can smell it on people a mile away and feel like gagging)

I feel that even in just one day, my entire mood is better. I’m not as irritable as I used to be, I don’t feel sluggish I have much more energy! My mouth doesn’t feel dry slimy and I can taste and smell better already.

I went from smoking 7-8 a day down to nothing. I got the 12mg nicotine juice and I feel that it is sufficient enough for my body to stop cravings and take the edge off.

What makes this different from any other quit smoking tool is that the juice gives you a throat hit, it is literally mimicking a cigarette except it tastes better and isn’t as bad for you. The other thing I find satisfying is that it blows out the vape so you’re getting the physical appearance of blowing smoke out too which helps a lot as it tricks the brain into thinking it’s the real thing.

I know nobody can say vaping is 100 percent fool proof but nobody can deny it is a heck of a lot better than smoking cigarettes.

I love the flavours! My favourite at the moment is the Royal tobacco flavour. Delicious!
Also waiting to try the pineapple and fizz berry! Still getting the hang of things but I am confident in basic vaping and now feel really really positive about quitting smoking for good.

The guys at nz vapor have been great with responding to questions and so friendly.

I would recommended this to anyone who is struggling to quit smoking. I can’t believe it’s not actually allowed to be sold as a quit smoking device, hopefully this will change soon with the word getting out.

Thanks again!

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