A couple of years ago we were also looking for an effective alternative to smoking. We loved the thought of e-cigarettes.

But to get e-juice that contained nicotine we had to wait WEEKS while overseas vendors sent our stuff on the slowboat (or charged so much it wasn’t worth it). Either that or we had to find a shop that sold it over the counter and engage in a criminal transaction! Not exactly easy… Or nice!

So we got working on a good, robust business plan that would help to ease access of these nicotine based ejuices to NZers. have worked very hard on creating a reliable supply chain that is 100% compliant with ALL NZ laws. When you buy your nicotine e-juice from you do NOT involve yourself with a company who is breaking the law. We do not duck and dive… We COMPLY.

The benefits of being compliant are huge and compliance puts us all in a very powerful position. Instead of trying to ‘fly under the radar’, are able to work with government agencies like the Ministry of Health and Medsafe. That means we can push hard to advocate for the industry and do it well because we do not have an underlying fear of being prosecuted. We can be confident in our approach and we can work with factual information… Why? Because we can ask direct!

Sure, you can buy ejuice at a few spots around the place, but almost all companies selling e-juice in NZ are doing it ILLEGALLY. So if you are thinking of getting into vaping and you want electronic cigarettes or nicotine e-juice; choose only We are doing it right – we are here for the long term.

CLICK HERE TO ASK ANY QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE. We love the attention so don’t think twice to drop us a line.

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