When NZVAPOR started it was never envisaged that the impacts would be so far and wide.

A small electronic cigarette business that started in little old Auckland, NZ by a couple of brothers who grew up in Tokoroa quickly morphed into a network that now operates in a number of countries around the world.

The entirety of the business is focused on effectively supplying smokers with an alternative. But it was realised fairly early on that to be compliant with NZ laws the business would need a reliable supply chain and full manufacturing plant, to ensure quality of ejuices that are supplied to the client base… NZVAPOR needed to expand its horizons!

The guys sold pretty much everything they owned (including the family home), scrimped and saved and finally managed to gather enough to invest in their very own ejuice manufacturing plant in USA.

Why the USA? There are many reasons for doing it there but the 2 main answers are:

1 – The best ejuice products in the world come from the states

2 – NZ laws would prohibit the manufacture and distribution of nicotine based derivatives (eliquids) in NZ

The company is now an effective and reliable source for nicotine ejuice in NZ. There are NO laws broken through the whole transaction and the contents of the product are controlled… Not a bad business structure for a couple of local lads!

NZVAPOR are every day people. Here is a snapshot of how it is all done.

Vape NZ better with NZVAPOR

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