So the order went through and all products were purchased by Graeme, we had no idea he was going to complete an e-juice review on youtube! Note – Graeme paid full price for his vaping products, one of the subjects Graeme touches on, which we agree with, is that; if the customer pays full price, the value of the review increases. They have nothing to gain or loose by posting a good or bad review.

The products were sent to Graeme from our warehouse in USA, which landed in under a week and Graeme recorded this review, posted it on youtube and let us know.

Graeme ordered 3 e-jucies, all in 12mg nicotine – Fresh Strawberry, Granny Smith Apple and Tropical Pineapple. Each of these e-juice flavours were seen to be very distinguishable and accurate. You will also notice that Graeme’s vape production was excellent on all 3 flavours. Graeme even goes so far as to mention that “the Apple is the best apple flavoured e-juice he has had in NZ”! An excellent testament to the dream that we have worked so hard towards – to make the best e-juice in NZ.

This was a very surprising review, thank you Graeme, these kinds of surprises are great!

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