Refreshing Fruity Vape Juice Flavours to Try


The sun is slowly coming out as we transition into spring, and what better way to celebrate the warming weather than with some delicious refreshing vape flavours! To help you find the best flavours to try, we break down our favourite refreshing, fruity, and delicious flavours from the NZVAPOR NZ E-juice range.

Vape Squad – Epsilon

What’s more Kiwi than, well, Kiwi? This outstanding flavour is one of our absolute favourites from our house-made Vape Squad range. If three words described the flavour of Vape Squad Epsilon, they’d be: Fresh, fruity, and refreshing! This high VG liquid combines the unique, sweet, and light taste of kiwifruit inhale, with an incredible menthol blast on exhale. Though the bottle features our fancy new label, if you’ve tried our old brand’s Epsilon flavour, you already know the delicious taste in store. Same flavour, new label, and a vaping experience that hits that nicotine craving, leaving you feeling fully refreshed. Be sure to grab a bottle of this one, the perfect everyday juice for those fruity menthol lovers – it’s especially good when spring arrives in full force and the sun is shining!

Cloud Therapy – Watermelon Panacea

Cloud Therapy Watermelon Panacea is best for medium-advanced level vapers; this max VG E-liquid produces large clouds with a full throat hit. Any vaper who loves a refreshing watermelon flavour will have their mouth watering over this one! Nothing is as fresh, cool, and full of tangy goodness as this juice, it just can’t be beaten! There’s just the perfect amount of methol to give you a nice and refreshing exhale. Enjoy a full taste of delicious watermelon with just a touch of ice, the perfect cool-down for those days that remind you that summer’s on it’s way! Before enjoying the taste of icy melon, ensure that your device can handle wicking a thick E-liquid.

Mt Baker Vapor Forest Berry Fusion

Mt Baker Vapor brought out the big guns with this flavour! If you’re after fruity E-liquid, you’ve found one of the fruitiest of them all! Forest Berry Fusion breaks all the rules by fusing raspberry, blackberry, and wild cherry. If you imagine inhaling the flavour of summer, that’s the taste of refreshing Berry Fusion. The mix of flavours is a unique combination that fits perfectly into the Mt Baker Vapor flavour family. The sweet taste of fruity fusion will leave you wanting more. This flavour is available in both 50/50 VG for MTL pod devices and 70/30 VG for DTL vape mods, so no matter what type of vaper you are, you can enjoy this refreshing hit.

Simply Pineapple

Simply Pineapple is exactly that, simply pineapple! If you want a vaping experience that will transport you to a tropical paradise, this is the juice that’ll do it. The sweet flavour is just sweet enough not to overpower the flavour. Simply has hit the mark with this one, perfect for anybody who loves a fruity and refreshing flavour, without the strong menthol ice hit. Whether you need a flavour to bring to the beach or just need a cool-down, Simply Pineapple is the perfect option, and it’ll give you that throat hit you can’t get enough of!

Lemonade Stand – Boysenberry Lemonade

What‘s more refreshing than lemonade? Little Beast is an NZ E-liquid brand that has made a huge splash in the vaping world. Their Lemonade Stand range provides great clouds, strong flavour, and a full throat hit that ties it all together. This funky little bottle is full of delicious lemonade vape juice that will stimulate your tastebuds while the plump boysenberry brings in an extra fruity burst of flavour, perfectly balancing sweet and sour. Keep your glass half full with this delicious boysenberry lemonade juice!

Explore a World of Flavour

Looking for your new favourite vape juice? This list of high-VG juices is just the tip of the iceberg. We offer a huge range of delicious E-liquids for a range of devices. The juices on this list are best used in sub-ohm devices, if you’re using a pod vape, check out our range of nicotine salts. For more tips, tricks, and delicious E-liquids, drop down to your local NZVAPOR vape shop in NZ or browse online today!

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