The tanks in our range have bottom coils and the clearomisers have top colis, all are designed to do the same thing, just in slightly different ways – Make the vape.

All atomisers from all vaping suppliers will burn out over time – Some last longer than others depending on your vape style and/or the quality of your vaping gear.

When choosing a replacement coil for your ecig there are many factors to take into account, and to add to it all; things are confused even more by “personal choice”!

Without getting too technical, here are a few pointers when choosing your next replacement atomisers:
·       As a general rule the lower the voltage on your e cig the lower the ohm (resistance) can be without burning your e juice.
·       Lower ohms give LESS resistance to the voltage flowing through your coils. More power flowing means the coil will get hotter. This will lead to a hotter, cloudier vape production.
·       Higher ohms gives you MORE resistance to the voltage flowing through your coils. Less power flowing through your coil means it does not get as hot and will not make such big clouds. But some say the flavour is preserved and tastes better as it is not “burning”.

So all in all, if you like big clouds choose an atomiser with a low number, if you are going for flavour go for a higher number. Of course through trial and error you will find the set up that suits you.

Our most popular tank with replaceable coils (and NZVAPOR’s fave) is the ASPIRE BDC.

Follow this link to view our replaceable atomiser selection: https://www.nzvapor.com/c/vape-coils/

Follow this link to view our tanks:  https://nzvapordevstg.wpengine.com/hardware/e-cigarette-tanks

If you have any further questions feel free to contact us through our enquiry page:  https://nzvapordevstg.wpengine.com/contact-us

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