6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Vape Coil


Has your vape gone from giving amazing results to producing disappointing, unpleasant hits? This could be due to an issue with your vape coil. The coil is an integral part of any device that is responsible for vapour production. All vapes need frequent coil replacements unless you are using a disposable device. We have compiled a list of signs that show it’s time for a new coil, so you can stay on top of your vape maintenance and keep enjoying impressive, tasty clouds!

1. You notice a burnt taste

One of the more obvious signs that your coil needs replacing is noticing a burnt taste when you vape. This means the coil is overheating and either burning your juice or burning the wick. While your coil will need replacing eventually anyway, you can prolong use by making sure your wick is fully saturated with e-juice before firing up your vape.

2. There is less vapour production

If you aren’t getting as much vapour from your device as you are used to, it’s another sure sign that you need to replace your coil. When your coil burns out, it may not heat up as efficiently afterwards, and less heat means less vapour produced. Popping in a new coil should sort this issue so you can get back enjoying thick clouds!

3. The flavour doesn’t taste right

Another tell-tale sign that you may need to change coils is if your vape juice doesn’t taste right. Maybe you aren’t getting that crisp berry flavour you crave, or your go-to tobacco e-liquid is just not hitting the mark. This change in flavour could be due to your coil having done its dash and requiring a replacement. If you find that you can still taste your old flavour after changing juice, this could be another reason to change coils. An old coil can hold onto flavours and might be causing a funky taste when you try to use a new juice.

4. Your vape is leaking

A leaking e-cigarette can be caused by a few factors, and a worn out coil is one of them. If your coil is too old, it won’t wick e-juice properly. This can cause the liquid to leak out of the tank from the airflow holes. Anyone who has experienced a leaking tank knows it is a messy business, so it’s best to keep on top of regular coil changes rather than waiting for this sticky situation to jolt you into changing your coil. If you don’t think it’s the coil causing leaks, check your o-rings and make sure you aren’t overfilling your tank.

5. You can hear a gurgling sound

If you are hearing an annoying gurgling sound with every inhale, there could be something amiss with your coil. It could be that your coil isn’t heating your juice properly and needs to be replaced. Or it could just be that your coil isn’t sitting in the tank properly and needs to be taken out and screwed in again. A gurgling sound can be due to something else going wrong with your device, but swapping out your coil and seeing if that solves the issue is a good place to start. If not, you may be looking at replacing your device completely.

6. It’s time for a change

Whether or not you are having any of the issues mentioned above, you need to replace your coil regularly to get the best out of your vape and allow it to run at optimal capacity. If you are a light vaper, you can expect to change your coil every three to four weeks. For moderate users, it’s likely to be every two weeks, and for heavy vapers you can expect to change your coil once a week. These are not hard and fast time frames, it does depend on your usage and how your vape is performing but it is something to keep in mind.

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