Product Spotlight: Uwell Caliburn G Pods


The Uwell Caliburn G pod system is an all-round winner among pod system vapes. If you’re contemplating switching to a Caliburn or are looking further into the many benefits of them, here we discuss the Uwell Caliburn G pods and the various aspects which make it a perfect pod system for you.

What are Uwell Caliburn G Pods?

The Uwell Caliburn G pods have been praised for their usability and quality because they’re clean and comfortable pods for daily use. Pods are an essential part of a vape’s functionality and success. The Uwell Caliburn G has had a lot of success in the market, and its pods have been a significant piece of that result.

The importance of pods is all in the technical stuff. The Uwell Caliburn pods are food-grade 2.0ml refillable pods, utilising patented dual heating technology with up to 18W of output, aided with a heat-resistant mouthpiece for a smooth draw. The pod system also offers a 0.8ohm or 1.0ohm coil for enhanced flavour.

The pod has a top-fill and leakproof design for ease of use when refilling.

The pod also provides two different airflow options: restricted DTL vaping (air inlet of the pod and air inlet of the device are close to each other) and MTL vaping (air inlet of the pod and air inlet of the device are not close to each other). The significance of this is the preference of an easier draw with a little more vapour or a harder draw to replicate a cigarette.

Who should use Uwell Caliburn G Pods?

Uwell Caliburn G pods are perfect for a regular vaper as the vape is a refillable pod system. The significant difference with the Uwell Caliburn G is that the coil and pod are technically separate. This design simply adds a few steps when setting up the vape as you need to prime your coil before inserting into it into the pod.

When cared for correctly, these coils are known to be significantly more durable than standard coils.

The refillable Uwell Caliburn G pod tends to be more cost-effective options than prefilled options as e-liquid tends to be cheaper than prefilled pod packs long-term.

The opportunity to also switch up flavour and nicotine levels when you want is a great benefit.

Ultimately, the Uwell Caliburn G pods are a favourite for many daily vapers. However, people who don’t prefer a simple draw and vape device should be wary as this is how the Caliburn pod system operates.

What juice is suitable?

A significant benefit for the Uwell Caliburn G is its pod and coil. It has large wicking slots which allow it to vape most e-liquids. However, it’s recommended to use Nicotine Salts rather than free base e-liquids, as nic salts have less glycerol, creating a thinner formulation, which is easier for wicking.

The customisability and creativity of mixing flavours, continuously trying new ones, and having all flavours at your disposal is a massive benefit for any vaper.

One day you can enjoy your tobacco flavour, and the next, your fruity flavour. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that extremely sweet e-liquids can clog up the coil quicker than others.

In comparison, prefilled vapes have a limited range of flavours, and you don’t have the same customisability to suit. So, the Uwell Caliburn G pods have the advantage when it comes to e-liquid opportunities!

Maintenance tips

Upkeep of pods can be a gruelling task for vapers. When coils or pods begin to wear, your draw becomes harsher, and the flavour is not as enjoyable. Generally, a refillable pod lasts around five days. However, there are several factors which play into a pod’s lifespan. These include; type of e-liquid (sweeter are harsher on the wicks, causing a shorter lifespan), vape usage, the type of vape and the type of pods.

Depending on these factors, you can ensure your pod has a more extended usage timeframe before needing to buy replacement pods or coils.

A fantastic aspect of the Uwell Caliburn G pods is their durability and longevity when it comes to pod and coil replacements. This pod is known for its significantly longer lifespan of around 13 days. This longevity makes Uwell Caliburn G pods a fan favourite among pod vapes and offers better bang for your buck!

Need to grab some new Uwell Caliburn G pods?

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