There have been a great many tests – thousands. Yet millions of individuals around the globe are being grouped towards an item that has turned out to be a cold blooded killer.

We should be able to trust our governments. After all they are evidently there to keep us safe from harm and hardship. But with regards to NZ e-cigarettes there is by all accounts a level of self safeguarding.

Yearly incomes from tobacco deals are gigantic (recent reports show NZ tobacco tax income is in the vicinity of $1.6 billion). Not bad, no wonder they are defensive!

Our government is so defensive of their milti billion dollar, smoking nest egg that the outcomes of e-cigarette tests are not even permitted to be promoted by organizations like NZVAPOR… And their reason is; 10+ years worth of data is insufficient… Wonder why… ?

The question should be being asked – How is that lawful? How is it legitimate for a legislature to restrict a product like e-cigarettes when the outcomes are so blatently obvious? These government based restrictions are pushing our own people  straight into the face of harm. There is no doubt – Smoking murders!

So we ask ourselves why?; why might they confine vaping? We have the information, we know what they do (and don’t do), so why? The sensible conclusion is… MONEY.

When confronted with it, any business needs to recoup loss of income or cut expenses, particularly when that loss is potentially billions of dollars. The issue is, there are no watertight reasons on how they can profit out of vaping like they can with cigarettes… They cant cut expenses (the balance does not equate) and they cant recoup (there is no reason to tax vaping as heavily). So until governments can recuperate the offset of potential losses there will most likely be an ongoing e-cigarette resistance.

A genuine, suitable alternative for smoking is here, now, however our entitlement to a better product is being pried out of our hands, despite the fact that we are screaming for it.

Vapers will continue to do what they have to vape, regardless of what limitations are put around them. After all that is the way we all bought our first e-cig in the first place. We needed a change so we got up and we changed.

Unfortunately while we do what we can; the wolves will continue to mind the henhouse, and the governments will continue to make it hard, until a financial option is presented where our lives equal the value of money, their money.

Lawful, unlawful, it makes no difference. Moral, immoral, again no difference. Unless we the vapers speak up and be sure we are heard, money will drive the change, and if money is the only driver we will never get there.

Speak up – Be heard! E-cigarettes in NZ NEED to be easily accessed!

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