Getting Technical: Wattage, Voltage, & Sub-Ohms Explained


Do you feel like you’re taking a science test every time you read about a new vape device? We understand. Plenty of technical jargon is tossed around in the vaping community. While not essential, however, a working knowledge of the technical side of vaping can help you choose the best device for your vaping style and allow you to get the most from it!

In this blog, we will provide a basic explanation of what volts, amps, watts, and ohms are, how they apply to vaping, and how to use this knowledge to choose the right vape machine.

Watts & Amps

When talking about wattage in vaping, you are referring to the amount of power that your vape uses.

When you turn on a vape device, an electrical current runs through it, which is measured in amps. The electrical current is what creates heat, and the rate of this conversion is measured in watts. Therefore, adjusting the wattage affects the temperature produced by the coils.


While wattage is the power running through your vape device, the voltage is the electrical pressure. When you adjust the voltage, you are changing the electrical pressure going through your device. The more pressure, the more heat, so a higher voltage produces more heat and therefore more vapour.

Wattage and voltage are closely linked. When you increase the voltage, you also increase the watts produced, and vice versa.

Ohms and Sub-Ohm Vaping

Ohms are used to measure the level of resistance in your coil. Coils with lower resistance heat up faster, as the electrical current moves through the coil faster. This is the principle of sub-ohm vaping, which uses a coil with a resistance of less than 1 ohm. When this coil heats up quickly, it produces more vapour and better flavour.

While voltage and wattage can be adjusted using a button on some devices, resistance cannot be changed unless you purchase a new coil with a different resistance level.

Why would you want to adjust these factors?

Adjusting your wattage, voltage, and resistance levels affect the temperature of your coils. This is important because coil temperature impacts many aspects of the vaping experience, including vapour production, throat hit, and flavour.

Increasing your watts and volts means increasing the temperature of your coil. This can lead to larger clouds and a better throat hit. The lower resistance of a sub-ohm coil can also mean better clouds and stronger flavour. When playing around with these different settings, you want to be careful that you are using an e-juice that can handle high temperatures and that you have a suitable device. Otherwise, excessive temperatures can cause dry hits or a nasty burnt flavour.

Can you adjust the wattage and voltage of every vape device?

Unfortunately, no. This is just for specialised devices called vape mods, which allow you to modify these different aspects. We recommend the Geekvape Aegis X Mod, which can be adjusted from 5 to 200 watts and reaches a temperature of 315°C. Some pods such as the Joyetech TEROS ONE also allow the power to be modified but don’t give as much flexibility as a true mod.

You can definitely have a great vaping experience by picking up a pre-set vape pen or pod. But if you want to experiment as you become more skilled, get your hands on a vape mod and start playing with the settings for bigger, better clouds and tricks!

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