4 more reasons you might experience a leaking vape tank


In our last article, we looked at three common reasons why a vape tank might be leaking. You guys pointed out that there are a few other common reasons for leakage that we didn’t cover. So here they are, with ways you can prevent them:

1. Replace the gaskets

The gaskets or O-rings in your vape serve as seals between different components. These tiny rings can be quite fragile. Over-tightening and wear cause them to snag and break, resulting in improper seals that will cause leaks and other issues.

Check your O-rings regularly – especially if you’re getting regular leaks – and replace any that are broken or bent out of shape. Some vape manufacturers give you a set of spare rings with your e-cigarette. Otherwise you can buy them from a vape shop or online.

2. Choosing the right vape for your style

Leaks commonly occur when vapers choose the wrong type of e-cigarette for their style and choice of juice. If you use predominantly PG-juice, which is thinner, with coils designed for direct-to-lung vaping, you’re going to end up with problems.

Coils on these devices will suck too much of the juice without converting it to vapor, leaving you with an excess of juice that floods and leaks. Solving this problem is simple – switch to a mouth-to-lung coil for your PG juices.

3. Clean your tank

Dirty vape tanks don’t just cause off-flavours – they can lead to all sorts of problems, including leaks and increased wear-and-tear.

As often as you can (we recommend at least once a week), take your vape tank apart and give it a rinse in some warm water. You can use a cotton bud to remove built-up vape juice residue and specks of dirt.

We’ve written an article with tips for cleaning your vape pen.

4. Up the wattage

Flooding the coil with vape juice causes most leaks. A simple way to fix the issue is to increase the wattage on your e-cigarette. This give your e-cig more oomph to vaporise any stray vape juice, so your coil will flood less often.

You may find that increasing the wattage gives you some unappealing side effects, such as more dry hits and a different taste. But it’s definitely something to try if you’re having leaking problems.

A leaking e-cigarette is super annoying, but hopefully one of these quick tips will help you get to the bottom of the issue.

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