Comparing Costs: Is It Cheaper to Smoke or Vape in NZ?


There are heaps of great reasons to switch to vaping—it doesn’t stink, it’s better for your health, and you can enjoy a range of delicious flavours. Another great reason to make the jump is that vaping is much, much more affordable than smoking. Whether you are a pack-a-day smoker or a social smoker, the numbers add up in favour of vaping every time. In this blog post, we break down the figures of vaping in New Zealand so you can get motivated to make the change for the sake of your wallet and your health!

The test:

Thanks to a handy tool available on the Ministry of Health “Vaping Facts” website, you can easily compare exactly how much smoking costs compared to vaping. To illustrate the huge difference between the two, we will run through the figures comparing a pack a day smoker to the equivalent volume of vaping. (This is not including the initial cost of purchasing a vape device—read more on this below).

The cost of smoking:

Let’s say you are smoking a pack of 20 cigarettes a day and this pack costs $27 to buy, the average cost in NZ. This will cost you $188 a week, $807 a month, and a whopping $9,819 a year.

The cost of vaping:

Let’s say you use a 12mg nicotine e-juice and you vape the equivalent amount as a pack a day smoker. This will cost you $15 a week, $65 a month, and only $788 over one year.

The savings calculated:

Per week you will have an extra $173 to spend or save by switching to vaping. Over one year, this will add up to $9,030 extra in the bank. If you put this money aside, you could save over $100,000 in twelve years time. That’s a heap of cash to put towards a house, your kids, or your retirement!

Realistic costs of running a vape device

We aren’t here to mislead you. There are costs associated with vaping in terms of purchasing a device and maintaining it. However, we are happy to reassure you that these costs are minimal compared to the overall cost of smoking. At NZVAPOR, a refillable pod vape device will cost you around $50. This is for a high-quality refillable pod, but you can find other cheaper vapes out there. With reusable pod devices, you need to change the pod every couple of weeks if you are a consistent user. The pod is the part that holds the e-juice tank and houses the coil, which heats to vaporise the juice.

If you don’t replace this part regularly your device will stop producing crisp flavours and vapour levels will diminish. For a classic device like the Uwell Caliburn G, you can get a two-pack of replacement pods for an affordable $6. Unless you decide to really delve into the world of vaping and get a high-tech mod device with all the bells and whistles, you can keep the initial setup and maintenance costs of vaping low and keep your wallet full!

Start your vaping journey today with NZVAPOR

We hope these mouth-watering savings have given you the motivation you need to switch to vaping. The savings are great, but they are really the icing on top compared to the health benefits of putting down cigarettes for good. At NZVAPOR, we are a team of ex-smokers ourselves so we understand how tough the challenge of quitting smoking in New Zealand can be.

We have made a range of delicious e-juice flavours that deliver in terms of taste and mouthfeel, so you won’t be craving those pesky cigarettes for much longer. Shop our e-liquid online or visit us in-store today!

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